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A military wife and mother of 4 lets loose, and we can relate to every word she writes…

“One of the most powerful blog posts I have ever read.”

“Thank you for writing what I think. I’m sending this to all

contacts. Bless you.”

“Beautiful. Spot on and deeply appreciated.”

“An excellent account of what most Americans think and feel despite the impression of reality the left’s many delusional factions attempt to manufacture.”

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My Rebuttal to a Progressive who Admonished Me to Play Nice ….

The following rebuttal is mine alone. I do not speak for my husband, for my friends, for my children, but solely for myself.

I am tired of being told to sit down and shut up.

I am tired of being told what I can and can not say.

What is “acceptable”, while my ideas and values are mocked and trampled.


Enough. I have had enough.

I remained stoic when…

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“Change” by Our New Anti Freedom Government

Our president has demonstrated he is Anti-Freedom.

For the first time in my adult life I feel that we have been infiltrated by enemies of freedom.

I know other feel this too.  It is an almost surreal situation where the popular culture and media ignore the most obvious facts of the times.

Look at Iran today where millions look for any acknowledgment from a newly silent US Government that they are right to stand for freedom for themselves!  It is a travesty to whom we are as a people, and what we represent, to let these people be crushed by a brutal regime, and by the deathly refusal of this anti-freedom president to speak up!

I don’t know why Michelle Obama could not ever see any good about my country before, but since her husband was elected I can honestly say his policies have made me ashamed of who we are being now.

His buddies around the world are all  the worst enemies of freedom, and I have not heard him promote freedom at all in his travels.  I have only heard apologies for having played a role in the spread of democracy and his pledge to end such practices.

In fact everything is so anti-American and anti-freedom with this administration and his ideological and obedient cousins in Congress that one wonders if we are missing something?

You are not missing a thing, this is what it is, our “change” is a systematic dismantling of all things that makes America strong.

Our prestige, our economic might, our military might, our free society, our moral standing, and our liberty are all being dismantled deliberately.

When one believes as Barack Obama does- in an ideology that demands a completely level field and equality amongst all peoples, than what other choice would one choose if one were in the position to make those directional choices?

Some of the people we have known for a great deal of our lives are seemingly blissfully unaware that this is exactly the “change” Obama has brought.  They seem unconcerned and locked into the identity they long ago chose for themselves.

They see themselves as JFK Democrats, or sympathetic to the cause of the little guy or working class.

Little do they realize that JFK would fall into their class of “right wing extremist” as issued by the left as a dirisive term applying to any and all that oppose them.  Given JFKs positions on cutting taxes and strong defense he would probably be to the right of every Democrat in Congress today!

And Martin Luther King was a Republican people!  He believed in God too, by the way! Today he would be targeted for legal takedown by the anti-American ACLU!

Our problem of having the major news outlets editors presenting a distorted perspective to every single story is enabling this anti-freedom “change” Obama has brought.

The little guy and the underdog?  Ask yourself this, where did all our manufacturing capacity go and why is it gone?  The unions are now in the only industries left, (the service and construction sectors) having forced businesses to seek labor where it makes economic sense.

Meanwhile thousands of the “little guys” that trusted the unions no longer have any job much less a good paying job.

The Democrats pander to special interests groups of every ilk for one reason only to garner votes, yet they show their true colors by embracing tyrants where gays,women, and the working class are brutally repressed.

So it can be very discouraging to see friends falling for all the games being played by the liberals who’s only actual purpose is to secure permanent “ruling” powers for themselves, while acting as if they are the new gods and saviors of mankind.

Fortunately the patriotic “teaparty movement” came about and a second wave of powerful and now organized protests to the insanity of todays governments actions is underway.  Try as they might, the media that sold their integrity to retain access, will not be able to dismiss us as a passing fad.  we are here now,  and we are a force in place to take a stand for our principles once again!

Many people have expressed frustration, so deflating have been the unrelenting assaults on our principles cherished by our people, but now is not the time to be discouraged!

Read  Give Up? Are you Kidding?

Get yourself and family out to an Independence Day rally they will be going on across the nation and the numbers will exceed those we saw on April 15th , so it will be huge.

Encourage people to read the Constitution and understand the limits of power on government, and how the out of control spending and growth of big government, and the assault on liberty- must be stopped!

Fighting Liberal Distortions & Deceptions

“What Liberals Say” was developed by Accuracy in Media as a unique and comprehensive resource for statements made by liberals. The objective is to showcase hundreds — and eventually thousands — of statements by high-profile liberals on controversial subjects like gun control, multiculturalism and global warming.

What Liberals Say

Unless you are very naive about life, chances are that you already  know that the ‘sound bite’ information, and popular culture “quicky” news,  may not be the most reliable sources to draw any substance,  nor to form an objective opinion on the issues.

The Issues/Experts tab on this site will lead you to excellent and professional analysis of the issues we are facing in America today.  One of the best ways you know you are getting good information is to do the research for yourself!

Tyrants agree-‘We love him…but we still hate you’!

Today we heard that in an interview with a French Television Station, our President Obama commented that the United States could be considered “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world”

Besides being factually stupid and wrong, it was another jab at our true Judeo-Christian heritage and traditions we actually still have, and always have had!

I heard him suck up to Canada in the same way, calling them” without a doubt one of the most impressive countries in the world!”.  In fact since we get CBC broadcasts here, we constantly see them using the spot to impress themselves with their own impressiveness!  Sorry Canadians, but he tells everyone that!

I thought this wouldn’t be really too big a news story after the Saudi King bowing  thing, but I was wrong!

Seems that the staunch left wing media has even begun to squirm noticeably.

Obamas latest tour reminds me of an ad jingle from the past. Follow the bouncing ball …,

I’m a Mus-lim!,

You’re a Mus-lim!

Wouldn’t you like to be a Mus-lim——— too? !

Every time this president opens his mouth to speak about foreign relations and Americas role in the world, people lose.

Not only does he treat the American public like a bunch of backward heathens and hicks, he emboldens the worst tyrants in power already and tightens their oppressive grip over the people in those countries.

Remember how we have heard for years about the Iranian Mullahs tenuous grip on power over the Iranian people who were getting close to throwing them out of power?  I wonder how they feel after hearing Obama’s words over the past few days,weeks, and months.

Now we see Obama telling the world the U.S. cannot impose its will on Iran and that they have the right to have nuclear capabilities, and on top of that they are invited to have their diplomats and officials attend our American 4th of July festivities and experience our traditions! (as if they didn’t know a thing about them)

A friend of mine had a much better idea-

Let’s do even better than the White House and State Department on this outreach initiative.

Let’s invite all the Iranian refugees in this country who have fled the tyranny in Iran to live in freedom here to join us at Tea Party protests across America on July 4, and show their opposition to appeasement toward the Iranian zealots.

Likewise, invite all of the Afghan refugees who fled the Soviets, or other immigrants from eastern Europe, and those who fled tyranny in Central or South America or elsewhere in the world.

Include a “We fled Tyranny for Liberty” theme this July 4 – whether they fled political or economic tyranny (corrupt governments, socialism, etc.) or just shared the “American Dream” as individuals who believed that they could create a better future for their families here.

Maybe we can get Obama to stop singing his latest jingle long enough to see what our American experience and traditions represents- for himself!

So here is what our plan should be-

Encourage many immigrants who came here to escape tyranny or other hardships to speak up about their fears about how America is changing now, and the importance of standing up for what we still believe rather than befriending and apologizing to the tyrants and losers of the world.

For those people and the others oppressed peoples of the world, I want to say this:

We are sorry for our Presidents behavior,  although he is expected to speak on behalf of and for all of America, he does not speak for the Americans you were counting on for hope, which is most of us.

We are still here though, and we are fighting to keep your hopes alive,   to preserve and protect an America that the world is counting on,  as an example of freedom and liberty unequaled anywhere else on earth!