Spending Is the Game

The ruling class is pulling out all the stops in the mis-framed debate over the direction our country will take to try and put up barriers to anything resembling a halt to what they like to do best; spend the taxpayers money as fast as they can!

The problem is that after going on a literal blitzkrieg of irresponsible spending based upon the cover of cannibalistic stimulus policy known as Keynesian economics, including endless bailouts,  quantitative easing (money printing), crony payouts, and the like, since 2007, we suddenly find ourselves very, very far in debt.

In the 2010 elections the people clearly said, “ENOUGH!”,  by voting out incumbents in historic proportions.  The message was unmistakable that people wanted a halt to fiscal irresponsibility… and out of control government.

So now those most recently voted in are holding fast and we the people are holding everyone’s feet to the fire by expecting them to stand on the principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility.

The establishment, who were shocked by the election results, seemed to understand briefly that business as usual had changed. However, they quickly got over it, believing that they could use their powers to bring any “upstarts” inline with their reality and the way “things are done inside the beltway!” This particular plan has not seemed to work very well though and now we witness much screaming and howling and crying, “FOUL!”

It seems that those associated with the Tea Party movement are now considered middle-earth hobbits incapable of being reasonable nor of understanding the complexities of the game by members in their own party establishment.

We understand just fine.

Obama and the other leftists in charge have no desire to stop spending at a fast and furious rate, but they do have an election to worry about, so they will do whatever it takes to blame the right for their spending addiction.  We learn from them that the current GOP leadership is weak on principles, and will often sacrifice these strategic strongholds (conservative principles) in order to gain minute or insignificant pieces of political ground in order to claim progress.  This easy exploitation seems apparent to everyone but those who are being played.

Economically the left has no answers at all that do not include more taxes and more spending.   They just need the permission to continue their program relatively unabated.  It is their foes in Congress who are continuously “compromising”  to give them this further permission. To be fair, there is actually one area the left would cut willing, our national defense. Other than this, they are about growing, not limiting government size.  For that, they always need more of the people’s money to spend.

The astronomical national debt numbers are not imaginary figures ginned up by cave dwelling know-nothings.  This debt was created in record time by those in Washington… playing their game. These are addicts and enablers trying to point fingers at the interventionists wanting responsibility in their representation! We get back  loud protests about disastrous election results if the game is not allowed to continue on their own terms!

There are only so many points of time where the opportunity exists to turn back in the right direction for this country.  This is one of those times. Let’s put the onus back on those who deserve the real criticism.

The best deal for America is to take the steps needed to bring spending under control, and to do it now, not later.  It may be too tough a job for some, but in that event, we can, and will, find those who are willing to perform the job of ending the spending game.

Standing As One

Americans are continuing to come together to fight fiercely for their liberty.

The ruling class hates this and tries to marginalize us all as extremists…

It will never work for them.


America is meant to be be a free nation under God

Thanks to Toots Sweet from Big Dawg Music Mafia for his latest powerful video.

The Clarity of Our Principles

This is an absolute must read for anyone and everyone in the tea party movement in my opinion.

“Clarity is the first step toward understanding, and understanding is the prerequisite to rational evaluation.”

Obama’s Atomic Bomb:The Ideological Clarity of the Democratic Agenda

by John David Lewis


The GOP establishment does not get it.

The incumbent politicians will not listen.

Our country is being cannibalized by both parties.

The tea party movement needs unity enough to work together when needed.

We are in a fight to save this country and there is no time to spare or waste bickering over who has the better ideas on how to do it.  We must work together now!

Support any and all tea party movement efforts you can, it is time to take the next step, replacing the problem politicians with representative government again.

Why The Tea Party Movement is a Threat to Both Parties

The tea party movement has enormous potential power.

The threat to the liberal agenda is obvious, we have common sense and the country’s best interest at heart.

The threat to the right is less obvious.  They should- and do fear it too.

The tea party movement can bring an end to the status quo.  The end to an era of business as usual at the expense of the citizens.

To explain what I mean by the right: Those who have dominated the political right from the time of Gerald Ford until now.

These are not conservatives. Ronald Reagan being an exception of course.

There are a few solid conservatives, but they are in the minority within the ranks of the right who hold power.

We know who holds power, the likes of John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Michael Steele etc.

Despite being slaughtered in the last two election cycles at the polls, they hold to the losing proposition that they must adhere to being mired in the muck of the middle ground, that they must be bi-partisan, and that they must forever allow for compromises even to our most sacred principles as lain out by our Forefathers!

The left and their compliant media slyly have encouraged this position for the right as the only reasonable position to take.

This they have willingly complied with.  As a result we are bleeding from a thousand cuts instead of dying quickly.

This too plays right into the left’s hands and has enabled them to live by a double standard resulting in a steady increase in their political power.

From filibusters of judicial nominees to watered down, but still liberal socialism plans, on S-chip and prescription drugs entitlement programs, the liberals have won their way.

There is every indication that those in the right still holding power have learned nothing.

There is also every indication that they also believe that they can continue to lead us where we do not wish to go, and to choose a strategically impossible ground from which to fight from.

Many, many people have expressed  that the tea party movement should not allow the takeover by the Republican Party as it is.  Agreed!

Though we cannot afford to lose to the left again in 2010,  likewise we cannot allow a weak and wimpy party to lead us astray because we think we have no other choice!  There is another choice.  Stand our ground!

We do not have time to build viable third parties as they can only be effective if they too are built solidly- from the ground up.

Many people might disagree,  yet look at their history of failure.

The answer lies in changing the leadership of the right.

How do we do this and still fight from a solid position?

We stand our ground.  We make them come to us and fight from the position of republican conservative  principles once again. They come to us, and stay with us,  or fight alone.

This is what must happen, there is no other solution that can work in time.

The largest demographic of people in this country do not need to budge. The polls show that 63% of the country still hold mostly conservative values.

Those that wish to be on the winning team need to come to us, listen,  do what we ask of them.

What we ask is what the Founders laid out-to be followed as intended.

We cannot allow our tea party movement to be swallowed up by the current failure of leadership on the right.  We must guard well what we have started and organized, and beware of this inevitable attempted coup by the current power within the party,  while we continue to scrutinize the left and defend against their radical agenda.

The right needs to get out of the cronyism game of  ‘pay to play’ both parties use now to horse trade for votes, money,  and for power.

While the elitist’s (on both sides) are busy scratching each others backs, they are crushing the peoples backs- with a burden of massive debt,  over regulation,  overspending,  new taxation,  and the taking of our liberty.

The tea party movement has arisen in the nick of time to say ENOUGH!

We now need to stand our ground- and demand that any who seek to be our leaders  get on board our train!

9/12 March on DC

The people are being dictated to by the government, but the government is supposed to work for us. We the people have organized and are going to deliver the message to the elites in Washington DC!

They work for us!

09*12*09 March on Washington

Tea Party Movement goes to Capitol Hill

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“Change” by Our New Anti Freedom Government

Our president has demonstrated he is Anti-Freedom.

For the first time in my adult life I feel that we have been infiltrated by enemies of freedom.

I know other feel this too.  It is an almost surreal situation where the popular culture and media ignore the most obvious facts of the times.

Look at Iran today where millions look for any acknowledgment from a newly silent US Government that they are right to stand for freedom for themselves!  It is a travesty to whom we are as a people, and what we represent, to let these people be crushed by a brutal regime, and by the deathly refusal of this anti-freedom president to speak up!

I don’t know why Michelle Obama could not ever see any good about my country before, but since her husband was elected I can honestly say his policies have made me ashamed of who we are being now.

His buddies around the world are all  the worst enemies of freedom, and I have not heard him promote freedom at all in his travels.  I have only heard apologies for having played a role in the spread of democracy and his pledge to end such practices.

In fact everything is so anti-American and anti-freedom with this administration and his ideological and obedient cousins in Congress that one wonders if we are missing something?

You are not missing a thing, this is what it is, our “change” is a systematic dismantling of all things that makes America strong.

Our prestige, our economic might, our military might, our free society, our moral standing, and our liberty are all being dismantled deliberately.

When one believes as Barack Obama does- in an ideology that demands a completely level field and equality amongst all peoples, than what other choice would one choose if one were in the position to make those directional choices?

Some of the people we have known for a great deal of our lives are seemingly blissfully unaware that this is exactly the “change” Obama has brought.  They seem unconcerned and locked into the identity they long ago chose for themselves.

They see themselves as JFK Democrats, or sympathetic to the cause of the little guy or working class.

Little do they realize that JFK would fall into their class of “right wing extremist” as issued by the left as a dirisive term applying to any and all that oppose them.  Given JFKs positions on cutting taxes and strong defense he would probably be to the right of every Democrat in Congress today!

And Martin Luther King was a Republican people!  He believed in God too, by the way! Today he would be targeted for legal takedown by the anti-American ACLU!

Our problem of having the major news outlets editors presenting a distorted perspective to every single story is enabling this anti-freedom “change” Obama has brought.

The little guy and the underdog?  Ask yourself this, where did all our manufacturing capacity go and why is it gone?  The unions are now in the only industries left, (the service and construction sectors) having forced businesses to seek labor where it makes economic sense.

Meanwhile thousands of the “little guys” that trusted the unions no longer have any job much less a good paying job.

The Democrats pander to special interests groups of every ilk for one reason only to garner votes, yet they show their true colors by embracing tyrants where gays,women, and the working class are brutally repressed.

So it can be very discouraging to see friends falling for all the games being played by the liberals who’s only actual purpose is to secure permanent “ruling” powers for themselves, while acting as if they are the new gods and saviors of mankind.

Fortunately the patriotic “teaparty movement” came about and a second wave of powerful and now organized protests to the insanity of todays governments actions is underway.  Try as they might, the media that sold their integrity to retain access, will not be able to dismiss us as a passing fad.  we are here now,  and we are a force in place to take a stand for our principles once again!

Many people have expressed frustration, so deflating have been the unrelenting assaults on our principles cherished by our people, but now is not the time to be discouraged!

Read  Give Up? Are you Kidding?

Get yourself and family out to an Independence Day rally they will be going on across the nation and the numbers will exceed those we saw on April 15th , so it will be huge.

Encourage people to read the Constitution and understand the limits of power on government, and how the out of control spending and growth of big government, and the assault on liberty- must be stopped!

Dallas Tea Party billed as~”America’s Tea Party”

Obama and his minions have a problem!

Seems they forgot America is filled with good old fashioned freedom loving patriotic souls called Americans!

Across the land this Fourth of July our Independence celebrations are going to mean a little more than in years past.

Our heritage and our traditions and even our very freedom have come under a relentless attack by an elitist crowd of leftists intent on transforming America into a drab and dreary society with no hope of getting out from under their controlling thumbs!

Seems like they forgot freedom loving people do not shrink or fall at their feet just because they demand it!  We are Americans  after all, born of revolution and fierce defenders of freedom and liberty with a very long history of fighting to preserve it!

This Independence Day is going to be special all over the country!

Dallas has a grand extravaganza planned for their event billed as America’s Tea Party

to be held on the world-famous  Southfork Ranch of Dallas fame.

Nationally-known speakers – World-famous musicians – Fantastic fireworks extravaganza – Food, fun and more!Tens of thousands of citizens from Texas and around the region are expected to turn out on July 4, 2009 for America’s Tea Party, a FREE rally and fireworks show to be held at the famous Southfork Ranch near Dallas, TX. Southfork is internationally known as the film location for the legendary “Dallas” television series.

Meanwhile Nashville is not to be out done, with it’s own all-star lineups of speakers entertainers, and more in the July 2,2009 Nashville Patriotic Revival Rally

sponsored and organized by Tea Party Nation members

Come kick off your July 4th weekend with a family friendly event in Downtown Nashville! We will have a pre-Tea Party mixer/meet and greet from 4 – 6 with music, information booths and more. At 6 the Tea Party begins with Blue Collar Muse Ken Marrerro hosting, Ralph Bristol of Talk 99.7, Laurie Cardozo Moore from Proclaiming Justice to the Nations and our Special Keynote Speaker, the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson of Bond.org. Rev. Peterson will speak to us about the dangers of Socialism in America. You won’t want to miss this, so mark your calendars! This event is going to be BIG!!!!!

Of course in our own area there are dozens of events listed and you can use the new coalition of organizations for Washington State WA Tea Party Movement to find one you wish to attend.

All across the land the “second wave” has begun, the “surge” if you will.

The Independence Day surge and beyond

We are organized now, we have numbers, we have economic power, and we are coming on strong!

The “statists” are unprepared for the backlash they have caused.  Like the aftermath of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in WWII caused Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto to utter the words “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant”, so too will these socialist liberal Democrats who have run amok with their excessive power find  out they have also awakened the heart and soul of America!