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Message from Rob McKenna-Tax Day Rally

Can you believe it? “We don’t care what happened in the last election.”

That’s right, it’s less than six months since the historic 2010 election, and already the far-left protestors screaming for media attention are pretending it didn’t happen.

In fact, one hard-core tax-and-spend advocate summed up their position succinctly at last week’s protests in Olympia: “We don’t care what happened in the last election.”

Don’t you think that the message voters sent last year was clear enough?

Last fall, voters in our state resoundingly rejected a state income tax and repealed new taxes on candy, bottled water and other items. At the same time they passed, yet again, a 2/3 majority rule for passing tax increases, a measure that majority Democrats have repeatedly ignored and repealed.

No, that message should be clear enough, even for a screaming protester.

Washington voters rejected tax hikes on struggling families and told the Olympia crowd – Make do with the taxes you already take!

It’s not that far-left extremists, some of whom were arrested storming the governor’s office in the capitol last week, didn’t hear that message. They just don’t like it and think your elected officials should ignore it.

And that’s why the mob was cheering when they heard “We don’t care what happened in the last election.”

Now that’s a pretty galling statement. The far-left position is that everything the voters said last year should be ignored, and they made their voices loud and clear in Olympia last week. They received the media attention they wanted.

Unfortunately, average taxpayers don’t necessarily have the time to drive down to Olympia and encourage legislators to hold the line on taxes. They have families to raise, jobs to do and businesses to keep afloat.

So, I do want you to know about one opportunity, perhaps a little closer to your home, where you can make your voice heard. Tomorrow, April 15, I’ll be speaking at Bellevue City Hall to the Tax Day Rally 2011 at 11:00 a.m. It will be a great event where we celebrate our state and stand up for the majority of people who DO care what happened in the last election.

I hope to see you there.

All the best,

Rob McKenna

Paying For Free Lunch

Harry Reid thinks the taxpayers who have found a voice in the the form of the Tea Party movement have it all wrong…

What did Milton Friedman say about those that think like Harry Reid?


Let’s Be Clear…

Obama is fond of saying this.

If anything gets much clearer for America under Obama’s leadership, based on how the media will report it, then expect bats to start falling from the night’s sky as they suffer catastrophic mid air collisions in their sonar deprived blindness. We know the lapdogs are just doing what they are told to do as caucus team players, parrot the talking points, but the rest of us can see even they are beginning to squirm more now at the lies and audacity, and feel the need to shower more often.

No real explanation as to why Obama chose to start a new war without any real national interest, not even the ministers of propaganda are able to spin it well.

Maybe we can get a clear explanation on what social engineering did for our housing values? Or maybe, why people like Barney Franks or Chris Dodd are not in prison for their roles in the outright extortion and ponzi schemes they devised and supported resulting in the predictable and subsequent collapse of the mortgage financing sector?

This country has tremendous reserves of untapped energy resources and the technology know-how to safely extract them, and put them to productive use to aid our economic vitality, but what is very clear is that those invested in their own power will not permit this course for our future, not while they hold the reins.

Here is what is crystal clear to the average taxpayer, that there are way too many people playing games with the truth. A trip to the grocery store for life’s necessities is becoming a budget management exercise (that used to be reserved for planning summer vacation spending) as both food and gasoline prices are soaring.

The Democrats own the budget mess.  Any shutdown that is needed due to their reckless spending over the last four years is, and should be, pinned squarely where it belongs, on them! This country only reached a ten trillion dollar deficit in October of 2008 but now we are well past $14 trillion! Granting another raise of the debt ceiling would clearly be an outrage against the consent of the people, so our experience tells us watch out, they will find a deceitful or underhanded way of doing this and the GOP will cave in to it, despite our protests, or the damning long term affects to our posterity.

During campaigns we hear much about trimming wasteful and overlapping programs in our federal government. We know there are tons of them and the waste and fraud and abuse of taxpayers money is rampant.  Now is the time to get down to the work of paring off all this fat, as their carbon footprints on our pocketbooks is far too big.

Both parties could also look at the barriers to their power imposed by the US Constitution that they have so willfully destroyed through overreach, or just ignored for decades, and see that maybe that wasn’t such a hot idea. So many burdensome rules and regulations have been created nobody can know or comply with them all, and the free enterprise racehorse of the past is burdened with an estimate 20% of its own weight by all these, while still being expected to compete globally. While the real issues of our country like national security, energy independence, effective education, crime, moral decline, poverty etc. have not improved, and in fact worsened under central planning, our government takes an ever larger share of the cargo area in our 747 jumbo jet economy while telling us all to shut up, and sit down, and do as we are told.

Failure and incompetence without accountability is business as usual for these people, and they want to tell us how we should live? No way! We can clearly see that their interference is what is clouding our future!

Let us be clear! Let us set the conversation! Those in Washington need the message recited over again and again, they may call us any name they wish, they can blame us for their dead bats too, but we have had it, we are watching them closely in greater numbers than they think, we expect the truth, responsible and accountable government, and clearly we need to continue to let them know it!

Leading & Courageous Women

As a male participant and witness of the phenomenal political change that materialized over the last two years in reaction to another “change,” and with the year coming to a close,  I wished to share what should be an undeniable observation.  The revolution against an elitist, out-of-control, big spending, big government establishment was spearheaded by courageous women. An often heard complaint in the tea party movement is that supposed conservatives in government seem afraid to stand for that they profess to believe in. We wish those in government would heed the example these ladies continue to exhibit.

While many sat on the sidelines and wrung their hands over what was occurring in DC, it was women who took the bold, fearless steps in opposition to it. They inspired us by the millions eventually, and ignited something never before seen in this country which came to be known as the Tea Party movement.

To be sure, there where also many deserving men to be credited as well– who were also out in front.  However, the top spots belong to these lady warriors in my book.

When this observer thinks of the tea party beginnings, and its amazing growth, these five women are at the very top of the list as major catalysts for propelling the movement.

Michelle Malkin– The conservative blogger and syndicated writer who pulls no punches to expose government corruption, or their hypocrisy and irresponsibility. She constantly proves that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

Keli Carender-An inspired Malkin reader and someone that decided to take action despite living in one of the most liberal places in the country. On February 16, 2009, Keli organized and conducted the nation’s very first “Porkulus Protest” days before the infamous Rick Santelli rant in Chicago. ( Malkin even sent trays of roasted pork for the event) Keli then went on to organize the Seattle Sons and Daughters of Liberty as a resource for other grass root participants.

Michele Bachmann-The Congresswoman targeted by Soros, and the worst elements on the left, for her outspoken and strong stance for constitutional, limited, and fiscally responsible government, who became one of the earliest elected officials in support of the tea party movement, and went on to found the Tea Party Caucus in the House.

Sarah Palin-The former Alaskan Governor and Republican Vice President Candidate in the 2008 election became an even more hated target of the left when she appeared at the national Tea Party convention in February 2010 as the keynote speaker, and encouraged the grassroots movement to continue in that vein, and resist any attempts of top down direction– and in the process pushed the “upstart” tea party movement into the mainstream political discussion for good.

Amy Kremer– An early organizer for Atlanta Tea Party, one of the nation’s largest tea party groups, and later as a spokesperson on the Tea Party Express bus tours that traversed the country, Amy often was the face of the tea party for the media in its early stages, and at other major national events.

These warrior women were not alone, but they were fearlessly out front– many, many times.  You have to respect their guts, and wonder if the tea party movement would have ignited the way it did without any of them.

We are indebted to these fearless and relentless fighters, and this is just a very small blog’s recognition for what they have accomplished. These women battle for what this country stands for, and deserve to be  recognized and thanked for it.

Beyond this, is the hope that their example might inspire many of our elected representatives to take the same fearless and bold steps toward restoring a principled, and respectful style of government that knows the limits of its contract with the people.

These women have shown us all how much can really be accomplished by their examples of guts and determination to do what is right, and getting it done.

The Clarity of Our Principles

This is an absolute must read for anyone and everyone in the tea party movement in my opinion.

“Clarity is the first step toward understanding, and understanding is the prerequisite to rational evaluation.”

Obama’s Atomic Bomb:The Ideological Clarity of the Democratic Agenda

by John David Lewis


The GOP establishment does not get it.

The incumbent politicians will not listen.

Our country is being cannibalized by both parties.

The tea party movement needs unity enough to work together when needed.

We are in a fight to save this country and there is no time to spare or waste bickering over who has the better ideas on how to do it.  We must work together now!

Support any and all tea party movement efforts you can, it is time to take the next step, replacing the problem politicians with representative government again.

Why The Tea Party Movement is a Threat to Both Parties

The tea party movement has enormous potential power.

The threat to the liberal agenda is obvious, we have common sense and the country’s best interest at heart.

The threat to the right is less obvious.  They should- and do fear it too.

The tea party movement can bring an end to the status quo.  The end to an era of business as usual at the expense of the citizens.

To explain what I mean by the right: Those who have dominated the political right from the time of Gerald Ford until now.

These are not conservatives. Ronald Reagan being an exception of course.

There are a few solid conservatives, but they are in the minority within the ranks of the right who hold power.

We know who holds power, the likes of John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Michael Steele etc.

Despite being slaughtered in the last two election cycles at the polls, they hold to the losing proposition that they must adhere to being mired in the muck of the middle ground, that they must be bi-partisan, and that they must forever allow for compromises even to our most sacred principles as lain out by our Forefathers!

The left and their compliant media slyly have encouraged this position for the right as the only reasonable position to take.

This they have willingly complied with.  As a result we are bleeding from a thousand cuts instead of dying quickly.

This too plays right into the left’s hands and has enabled them to live by a double standard resulting in a steady increase in their political power.

From filibusters of judicial nominees to watered down, but still liberal socialism plans, on S-chip and prescription drugs entitlement programs, the liberals have won their way.

There is every indication that those in the right still holding power have learned nothing.

There is also every indication that they also believe that they can continue to lead us where we do not wish to go, and to choose a strategically impossible ground from which to fight from.

Many, many people have expressed  that the tea party movement should not allow the takeover by the Republican Party as it is.  Agreed!

Though we cannot afford to lose to the left again in 2010,  likewise we cannot allow a weak and wimpy party to lead us astray because we think we have no other choice!  There is another choice.  Stand our ground!

We do not have time to build viable third parties as they can only be effective if they too are built solidly- from the ground up.

Many people might disagree,  yet look at their history of failure.

The answer lies in changing the leadership of the right.

How do we do this and still fight from a solid position?

We stand our ground.  We make them come to us and fight from the position of republican conservative  principles once again. They come to us, and stay with us,  or fight alone.

This is what must happen, there is no other solution that can work in time.

The largest demographic of people in this country do not need to budge. The polls show that 63% of the country still hold mostly conservative values.

Those that wish to be on the winning team need to come to us, listen,  do what we ask of them.

What we ask is what the Founders laid out-to be followed as intended.

We cannot allow our tea party movement to be swallowed up by the current failure of leadership on the right.  We must guard well what we have started and organized, and beware of this inevitable attempted coup by the current power within the party,  while we continue to scrutinize the left and defend against their radical agenda.

The right needs to get out of the cronyism game of  ‘pay to play’ both parties use now to horse trade for votes, money,  and for power.

While the elitist’s (on both sides) are busy scratching each others backs, they are crushing the peoples backs- with a burden of massive debt,  over regulation,  overspending,  new taxation,  and the taking of our liberty.

The tea party movement has arisen in the nick of time to say ENOUGH!

We now need to stand our ground- and demand that any who seek to be our leaders  get on board our train!

Tea Party Movement flexing its muscles

Over at Tea Party Nation a fellow member and online friend Mark Herr led his local organization The Midsouth Tea Party in another counter demonstration against the Public Health crowd in Memphis,  outside of Tennessee’s Senator Corker’s office! The “move-on crowd” looked stunned to see and hear them there, and it seems that the Senators people were forced to address both sides of the issue (which was not the plan the libs had in mind) for their sponsored event!  Here is  a preliminary account from Mark below-

Hi all, just a small update…WE, the MSTP, crashed’s attempt to persuade Senator Corker’s vote on GRHC (Gov’t Ruined Health Care) Act of 2009.  They were not expecting us to be there…and WE showed up!!!  There was a cordial, yet spirited debate on the facts…Eventually, WE could sign a letter to the Senator either supporting or rejecting GRHC.
Afterwards, The MSTP CMTE approached the spokesman for the Pro-GRHC crowd to coordinate a community based forum by which WE could all voice OUR opinions on the subject…”

It is very ironic that a lot of these union members and the politicians themselves would not be subjected to the very health care reforms they are attempting to impose on the rest of us!

American Thinker relays similar accounts from around the country at these staged events.

Tea Party Movement flexing its muscles

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