Our Battles

Know it or not, the Left has been waging war against the individual in this country under the false banner of making life fair for everyone.

They are following a fantasy utopia- that goes against human nature and ends up controlling every aspect of a persons life.

Our future generations will not know freedom nor liberty should they succeed in their war on the individual!

Here is a list of some of these battles with high priority-

  • Health Care Reform -fight against socialized medicine
  • Cap & Trade Tax -fight against energy tax designed to increase government dependency
  • Suppression of Dissenting Free Speech -fight against permanent political power by the Left
  • Big Government -fight against higher taxes and increased spending
  • Political Correctness– fight against cultural changes against tradition morals and values
  • Activist Judges -fight against the dismantling of our Constitution
  • Voter & Census Fraud– fight against the permanent political power by the Left
  • Illegal Immigration-the fight to observe and enforce our laws so that our culture and voter integrity can remain intact
  • Accountability of government – fight against corruption and deception by those in power
  • Morals & Values – fight against the destruction of Traditional American beliefs,values and morals
  • State Sovereignty– The fight against the federal takeover of States rights
  • Socialism – The fight over the Lefts attempt to implement socialism, and destroy free enterprise capitalism

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