Our mission

~I am here to help deliver a very simple message to politicians in our country~

“Your spending party is over; our T.E.A. party is here to make sure!” –  At Large-Tea Party Member

~Our Mission: To organize locally to communicate, plan, coordinate, and act to address the solutions needed at the local level for our communities.  We believe that our organization works best (like our government is supposed to) when we act locally to solve our issues.  We intend to build strong leaders, take firm stands, pressure unresponsive bureaucrats, and plan our own futures as individuals and as a community. We believe in traditional American values, and in strict adherence to the wisdom of our forefathers and that governance should be through the restraints imposed by our US Constitution.

Understand that lately we have been left out of a say in our government.

Educate ourselves on how the politicians use verbiage and political covers to disguise an agenda that is going against what our founders sought for our security of rights,  liberty, and prosperity.

Reinforce the traditions,values, and morality that has represented the force for good, and the beacon of freedom to the rest of the world!

Organize for action that gives voice to American solutions in the traditions of family,  work,  and religious freedom.

Unite as our forefathers did, united in purpose,  a  Republic in authorities and sovereignty.

E pluribus unum,~  “Out of Many, One”

Coordinate with other like-minded groups and/or individuals on issues of mutual concern.

Reject the ideological and disastrous idea that collectivism has ever helped any country where it has been adopted stay free!

Know what our US Constitution, Bill of Rights,  Declaration of Independence say and what they mean.

Fight to preserve and protect our Constitution, our traditions, our institutes in place to build character and provide voluntary charity, and to lift the human spirit- as they are all under attack.

Work to replace elected  or appointed officials  that have abused or otherwise  neglected their duty to the individual,  family, communities,  states,  or country with worthy citizens capable and unwavering in their courage of conviction.

Vote in the best , vote out the rest!, “Our country deserves better”, “They work for US”, “We Surround Them”, “Taxed Enough Already”,  are just some of our mottos but they are all  true!

To our clueless politicians, media, and pundits that just can’t ” get it” yet—We are here, we are organizing, we are growing,  and we are not going away.  Be prepared for a new day, your cruising days are over!

signed- We the People!

From Michele Malkin website

From Michele Malkin website

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