Pullman /Moscow Tea Party II Photos June 27th,2009

Funeral for Health Care” @ Westlake May 30th, 2009

More pictures from ‘Funeral for Health Care‘ at Liberty Belles blog here

Additional photos from GEOBENT blog

Socialized HealthCare Protest by foleymo on Flikr

Great sets of photos!

April 15th Tax Day Protest @ Westlake Center

Copyrighted photos by Byron Dazey,  http://www.creativeflashes .com and used here with permission.

Click on links to see the complete gallery of photos for each event!

Redmond Washington Tax Day Protest

February 27,2009 Seattle Tea Party Protest

Liberty Belle holds phone up so crowd can talk with Senator Patty Murray

Liberty Belle holds phone up so crowd can "talk" with Senator Patty Murray

February 16th ‘Anti-Porkulus’ Protest

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