Left Plans for Social Justice Initiative in Seattle

Washington’s Left is engaging in a big push for “social justice” in Seattle, and they will get national support from groups like the ACLU and ACORN [and their renamed satellites] and count on official support within our government at the city, county, and state levels for this as well.

The gist, or core of their initiative is to give special power to one group, or sets of groups, over other people in order to make everything equal.  This of course is not justice at all.  It is social engineering at the expense of liberty and individual rights. The idea that individuals that happen to belong to a particular classification entitles them to be given different rights is both denigrating to those individuals in that group, and of course, it is anti-liberty and in opposition to our constitutional principles.

The past, which is indefensible because for long periods of time that many individuals, especially minorities, were denied true equality and liberty based on a physical description, cannot now be used to justify “group” or “positive rights” trumping the sovereignty of the individual. Only the same exact rights for all is equality. When we have reached the point where rights only start at the level of a favored group, than all rights are lost forever, and the individual becomes subservient to whomever the current power holders are, or will be. We would no longer be Americans.

The following essay shines some light on this main issue which now divides Americans.

The Petition of Positive Rights
ROC Op/Ed March-2011

What would we find out about our friends and neighbors political views were we to prepare and circulate the “Petition for Positive Rights?”

The following core ideology is what is embodied in such a petition:

In order for society to exist and function in a fair, compassionate, and just manner, certain groups must be given preferential treatment over other groups, and individual rights are necessarily secondary… in all cases, for the greater good. The experts in government are best suited to administer these decisions for the people, and enforce compliance to these societal rights. The people are entitled to positive rights to eliminate any and all inequities that may arise, if a society is to be responsible and responsive to the people. Our Constitution did not anticipate modern problems, therefore omitting these positive rights was, and remains its great flaw in need of correction.

Taking this petition door to door would be a great experiment in discovery.  Many citizens would sign it outright, in full agreement. They are already convinced that others should be responsible for their needs. Others might too, without even seriously considering for an instant that they had just agreed to forgo their own personal liberty or freedom to choose how to live, and assign it to government “experts.” People that value freedom however would be rightly taken aback, in shock and horror that anyone in America would be calling for an end of freedom in a petition, and inciting a call for permanent servitude.

The problem is, that regardless of whether or not any such actual petition is in existence, increasingly the American people have been consciously or unconsciously adopting this doctrine since the 1920’s when social liberalism first got real traction in our country. FDR’s “New Deal” then set us on the path of an ever-expanding welfare state, that has grown to monstrous and unsustainable proportions, is corrupt beyond belief, and has placed the most prosperous nation ever in the history of mankind on a destination for inevitable and complete economic, social, and moral collapse. Meanwhile the morality and values previously widely shared among our citizens accustomed to living in liberty, have rapidly spiraled downward into an overall decay of civility in our society as a direct consequence.

The “Petition of Positive Rights” is a direct contradiction to what our U.S. Constitution spells out on how we are to be self-governed, based on equal individual, not collective, rights. Yet, for decades now, we have allowed those whom have sworn to all to uphold our Constitution to get away with ignoring it and imposing that collectivism. While they publicly swear to uphold and defend it, they never fully do, and instead spend their terms busily playing the game of trying to get power for their own favored groups. All the while the individual is stolen from, and is left unrepresented, without having given his or her consent. Leadership has come to mean choosing in favor of “the favored” by the elite “deciders” at all levels of government, but especially by the federal government.

There is very little doubt left that President Obama believes in the “Petition of Positive Rights.” Millions have listened to the audio tape of him speaking precisely to his beliefs for this. He, along with Holder’s Justice Department are not disguising how they are selectively following laws, giving special treatment to some groups depending on their favored status with him, while ignoring the individual rights of the people or groups not in favor with him, based on his agenda. And to him, the radical federal court rulings of the past were not radical enough for not cementing in place new “positive rights.” Positive rights are whatever government says they are.

Speaking of the Warren Court its interpretation of the Constitution during the Civil Rights movement, Obama said, “It wasn’t that radical. It didn’t break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution. At least as it’s been interpreted and more important interpreted in the same way that, generally, the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties; says what the states can’t do to you, what the federal government can’t do to you, but it doesn’t say what the state government or federal government must do on your behalf.”

This audio tape was made public before Obama was elected, and still he was elected. It is very clear that the Left is determined to agitate, aggravate, and exploit those already dependent, until they in turn demand that even more of the decisions be placed into governments hands, and of course, the people’s money as well.  Obama is leading them in the destruction of our constitutional principles using these techniques.
Positive rights are really about relinquishing personal power, and giving it to nameless, faceless bureaucrats. Obama does not explain that everything government does for one entity can only be done at the expense of, and to, another entity.

One favored and protected group in particular, the so-called mainstream media, has enabled the advance of the Petitioners, and the demise of our liberty, by themselves becoming dependent on the elitists. Ironically their special protected status was always meant to help ensure liberty, and guard against them becoming dependent on governments in power as a check to it. But those who become dependent are no longer free to choose what they say or do.  Now, to keep their own favored group status, they must comply and be subservient to their masters. Having a near monopoly on the information dispensed for public consumption, and dutifully reporting it based on a biased “consensus” acceptable to their masters has worn thin on many people. The old media is now widely distrusted by any freedom loving American, while the more trusted new media alternatives are vilified and denigrated by both them and the insiders for not playing along. Clearly, informing our families, friends, our neighbors, the young, and the old, on what they are being asked to choose between, and what is at stake, from these opposing sides in this war for our future, now depends greatly on us speaking up and fighting against their propaganda.

There is no room to compromise with these beliefs by the Left, and those capitulating to them on the Right, and still maintain liberty.  We are either going to be free to earn our own way in life, or we will become subservient to our new masters who will have wrestled away each and every last right from us, and redistributed everything about who we are as Americans.

Our Founders knew real justice in a system of government depended on protecting the smallest group, the individual, from infringement by any other group, of any size. They knew the most likely abuser of this would be our own government, due to man’s very nature.  Our heritage though is not to select the weakest among us, only empowered through stolen rights and money, to dictate to the strong. Yet the Petitioners act as if this is the answer somehow. Our Founders saw the true potential for all mankind lay in the strength and abilities of the free individual, and they were right.

Our freedom movements have our own petition, we call it the U.S. Constitution, and it has served us well when it has been followed. Now let us petition our leaders to remember this.

This is the war we absolutely must win.

Which will prevail, our Constitution, or the Petition of Positive Rights?

[Article reprinted with permission RightingOurConsent.com]


The Obama Census Plan


If there is one thing that even a cursory review of Obamas past reveals it is this:
He has no reservations about using his political power through others to advance his political agenda.

The ‘ends’ always justify the’ means’ in his thinking, and those ‘means’ he employs have little resemblance to fair play or American values we value or respect.

He has a plan to use the Census, ACORN and the unions to permanently secure power in order to entrench his socialist/communist ideology upon America.

Read Michelle Malkin’s article on his plans here

There is a reason that the Democrats want 12-20 million illegal immigrants here, and they intend to ‘cash in’ on their efforts to keep them here, soon.

The 2010 Census and the elections will finish the integrity of the entire voting process, if we allow them to get away with it.

Today’s story by Malkin about the DOJ undermining the state and voters of Georgia, along with several judicial decisions requiring legitimate verification of voter eligibility, really hammers home the extent in which Obama and his minions have committed to getting these illegal votes.

Obama and Holder are taking actions to usurp legal citizens rights, and allow us to all become disenfranchised, by permitting illegal votes to be counted!

Are we going to allow Holder and Obama to destroy our legal rights to change our elected representatives?

Nothing is more basic to our entire system of government, than the integrity of the voting process!

Rationing our health and energy (with our money)!

Anybody wonder which country we should model ourselves after- by Obama standards?


ACORN allegedly received more than a dollar times (X) every human being living on earth ($ 4 billion) to ‘reform communities’, but we are yet to see what that means to the Americans that foot the bill for them.

That of course came from the “stimulus” that seems to be generating unemployment, bankruptcies, government take-overs, and economic worries  for the most part right now- more than stimulating anything!

The Cap and Trade tax otherwise know as the Energy Rationing Bill aka H. R. 2454, American Clean Energy and Security Act, or the Waxman-Markey energy rationing  –

Statement by Myron Ebell, CEI Director of Energy and Global Warming Policy

The House Energy and Commerce Committee has voted to send to the House floor probably the most destructive bill ever passed out of a congressional committee. The Waxman-Markey energy-rationing bill, if enacted, will be the biggest tax increase in the history of the world. It will take trillions of dollars from consumers while making massive payoffs to the big business special interests that support the bill.By raising energy prices through the roof, it will destroy millions of jobs and create perpetual economic stagnation.

by Christine Hall on the Competitive Enterprise Institute Website
May 22, 2009

I just call it the Trillions of Dollars Tax Hike!

“Under my plan of a cap and trade system electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket … that will cost money. They will pass that money on to consumers …” -President Barack Obama, Meeting with the Editorial Board at the San Francisco Chronicle, January, 2008

So if this isn’t enough to make you think that Obama and his Congress have lost their collectivists minds, enter the Grand-daddy of all socialists plans disguised as needed reform- Socialized Medicine!

See, even though ACORN is being funded to the teeth for God knows what, this is a drop in  the bucket compared to the $21 billion (provided for out of our hip pockets and purses across the land) as a “jump start” for Health Care IT.

Enter David Blumanthal, a Harvard Medical professor who is director of the Institute for Health Policy at Massachusetts General Hospital  and appointed as the new national coordinator for health information technology.

His article Health Care Reform Grows from Grass Roots interestingly contains nearly identical wording of the announced Obama Care policy.

Obama and his spokesperson

“Dr. Blumenthal shares President Obama’s commitment to investing in a health IT infrastructure that will protect patient privacy, and improve both quality and efficiency in our nation’s health system.”

Obama has repeatedly stated his plan would reduce errors, improve access, reduce costs, and improve quality.  Like everything else he says- he doesn’t tell us how he hopes to do this.

I think he is leaving it up to Dr. Blumethal to implement former Senator Tom Daschle’s socialized medicine plans!

Dr. Blumethal

“These goals include expanding access, reducing medical errors, making health care more affordable, and promoting efforts to attack serious public health problems.”

The June 2006  article starts off by claiming the oft repeated exaggeration of 46 million people running around the country desperately worrying daily about their health care, goes on to talk about efforts to generate a grass roots campaign to generate support for his plans, and concludes that though not a program to preclude national health reform, it would be great for Harvard!

Now it is Obamacare, and is the national reform program!

This tidbit about Senator Ted Kennedy also is interesting-

Senator Edward M. Kennedy applauded the choice of Blumenthal, who was on Kennedy’s health staff from 1977 to 1980.



I can see that the issues are easily manipulated because they are complex and most people do not know what the solutions are from either side.

Obama and company are expanding governments role and claiming this will “save the economy” for one thing.

The people at AAPS (Association of American Physicians and Surgeons) beg to differ in this February 2009 article ( and that’s when they thought 1 billion was going to IT for Health Care!)

The “stimulus bill” provisions for health information technology and comparative effectiveness research (CER) appear to dovetail with these stated objectives. Obviously, entering data into a computer does not prevent or cure any illnesses, nor will spending $1.1 billion on CER lead to any new treatments—it is not designed to do so.

So what do they do? AMA denials notwithstanding, they set up the mechanism for monitoring the rationing of care through enforcement of “evidence-based” medicine.

Problems with the “evidence” include: researcher bias, discordant results, insufficient reporting, and fraud, writes Twila Brase, R.N., P.H.N. (“Evidence-based Medicine Is Rationing Care, Hurting Patients,” The State Factor, December 2008).

The comments go on to explain despite Europe’s socialized medicine systems it has hardly saved them economically it has propelled them toward bankruptcy faster!

The average financial shortfall of EU nations is more than 8% of the present value of all future GDP. This means that, in addition to all projected tax and other revenues, the average country would have to have more than four times its current GDP in the bank, drawing interest, to fund current policies indefinitely. Of course, no nation has that much money in hand, so the gap will have to be closed by changing taxes and/or benefits.

A friend refers to the Department of Health and Human Services now as the

Department of Unhealthy and Inhumane Services. Thievery could be part of name also!

The federal government already spends $1 out of every $ 4 on government health services- that could soon be $2+,  or even more! Except the government doesn’t have any money ,it collects ours, and borrows more in our names! What they do have is historical debt that they are doubling down on(with our money)!

Our energy will now be severely rationed.

Our health will be rationed.

ACORN will be up to something with all that money of ours! I am certain whatever it is it will not benefit us!

So our leaders- if they haven’t lost their minds, must think we should use a better example than ourselves-

What country do they believe we should emulate?

The former Soviet Union?

You remember them,…they went bankrupt while the people lived in serfdom for decades before the total collapse!

UPDATE: Republicans offer alternative in the Health Care Reform debate

Today I joined an organization to help fight for our rights of self-determination in Health Care

Patients United Now