Jobs Matter

A New (Overdue) Direction For Washington!

We believe that Rob McKenna is the right person to lead Washington state government in a new direction and that the Tea Party movement will unite behind his candidacy!

Allowing the conditions for creation of new jobs for our state is an essential part of what needs to be done and those jobs will not materialize following the liberal-progressive model of growing government and burdening business through over-regulation!


Jobs Matter

A New Direction for Washington

Big government stifles job creation. Washington State has followed that path for too long.

We believe that the leadership, experience, and values of Rob McKenna will allow for the conditions to allow businesses to create jobs here in the Evergreen State! We also have faith that the Tea Party movement will unite to support his candidacy.

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Standing As One

Americans are continuing to come together to fight fiercely for their liberty.

The ruling class hates this and tries to marginalize us all as extremists…

It will never work for them.


America is meant to be be a free nation under God

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Time To Pay the Piper?

Time To Pay the Piper?
ROC Commentary (July 15, 2011 Issue#28)

Any private entity operating like our government does now would likely be considered a criminal enterprise.

Since the 1930’s our federal government works in many respects much like Ponzi schemes made famous by many notorious figures who devised underhanded ways to help themselves to the fruits of other people’s labor for profit to themselves.  Politicians figured out long ago that public accountability was lacking at certain times, especially when their own party enjoyed immense political power. Tricky wording and emotional appeal could be employed to get enough visible public support to advance ill-advised policies and programs so they could be incrementally implemented with minimum resistance from the people, most of whom would never consider the long term implications. So they promised the American people the world, the stars and the moon! Unfortunately many believed that there was such a thing as a “free lunch!” The politicians then pocketed their political profits…at our expense.

So many wild promises have been made to Americans for decades now by these politicians in the name of solving one “problem” or another with vague assurances as to the benefits compared to the true costs.  This selling by incremental steps has a ratcheting factor too (rarely, if ever, reversed) that has allowed the politicians of the federal government to create incomprehensible, mammoth-sized money drains on America’s productive. A continuing series of power usurping moves by these so called representatives or by supposedly impartial judges with agendas (public servants entrusted with upholding the duties and responsibilities required by the US Constitution) has also successfully reversed the role of our federal government in relation to the people.

Increasingly the media safeguard for accountability has evaporated as they have ignored their watchdog role or actively participated in the political deceptions. Now the federal government has intruded into numerous areas of our lives by exercising power they were never granted by the people or by our founding documents. This usurpation of power has cost us big time… in both monetary terms, and in our liberty. The “piper” now holds a huge bill in our name (not the politicians who ran it up)… that threatens to exceed our ability to pay. The reckless spending for empty promises must stop now, and the bill we owe must be addressed … while we still can. The past promises that were made and are now depended on by so many must be brought into proper perspective through a prism based in reality and not automatically continued “as is” until they inevitably ruin us all financially.

What we are witnessing in the the “debt ceiling” debate is the unpleasant reality which eventually catches up with those who set up schemes to defraud others.  The unpleasant results of making wild promises, while using other peoples money to keep the scams going, has come to a head.  Those who are in on the Washington con or “game” simply wish to continue to play… by giving themselves permission to do so, even though it has become glaringly apparent that the longer this continues, the worse it will be for our young and future citizens.

The American people for the most part have made it clear that we expect and demand responsible, accountable, and honest solutions by our representation to get us back on the right track and provide our posterity with the same opportunities we have enjoyed. We repeatedly reject any more “smoke and mirrors”, or “kicking the can down the road” in order to avoid doing what must be done.

This is not just another high stakes contest in the game of “chicken” between political foes.  This battle has much more on the line than who wins politically. Ultimately the outcome will directly affect all the people, and determine the future or demise of this country.  There is very little to really compromise on, as the actual choice is stark… either the success or failure as a country.  It is time to stand up for doing what is right if we believe in America. It is long past due time to “pay the piper” and to get our house in order to ensure that from now on… we have and operate a government based in reality… and not false utopian dreams for equal outcomes, ideological fantasies, or other pretending.

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Major McKenna Announcement Coming!


June 7, 2011

McKenna to Make Major Announcement Tomorrow

Attorney General Rob McKenna will make a major announcement Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.

The event will be held at the Performing Arts Center of McKenna’s alma mater, Sammamish High School, from 6:00 p.m. to approximately 6:45 p.m. Following the announcement, McKenna will hold a media availability on site at 7:00 p.m.

***Please note: A limited number of seats will be held for the press; media outlets must RSVP to to attend the event and obtain check-in instructions.***

WHAT: McKenna Announcement / Media Availability

WHEN: Wednesday, June 8, 6:00 p.m.

WHERE: Performing Arts Center, Sammamish High School (100 140th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98005)

Primary resource- Tea Party Elections

Tea Party Primer Strategy

by Reasonsjester

Reference Resource site: Tea Party Elections

[Dave]This is an extensive database and cross resource site for key strategic races in the primaries across the country and those in other parts of the country are proving how they vote affects us all.  Helping in key races in this election is more important than ever.
Local conservative candidates should keep their information that becomes out of date updated by contacting the website administrator.

The American people have had enough. Betrayed by phony conservatives in the Republican Party and radicals in the Democrat Party, the time is now to repeal or shred every bit of un-American legislation passed by the “progressives” in both parties over the last eighty, if not one hundred years.

The time for sitting on the sidelines and waiting for our fellow Americans to pick up the mantle of freedom has run out, as most of us realize. We must organize, act boldly, confront, and dethrone the usurpers who would have us live out their fantasy of servitude to them and their obsolete causes.

Richard Viguerie of American Thinker sums up the basic strategy in his Tea Partiers and The New Party Leaders well:

Here are my five recommendations to Tea Partiers as to how to change both major political parties:

1. To paraphrase Bill Clinton advisor James Carville, “It’s the primaries, Stupid.” Tea Partiers should focus only on primaries now, and not focus on the upcoming November elections just yet. In the primaries, challenge every establishment, big-government incumbent. Conservatives winning in primaries will make the November elections a  more significant chance for meaningful, long-term change. Over half of the filing deadlines have not yet passed.

2. Support candidates who will vote to fire their party leaders.

3. Withhold support from all Republican or Democratic national committees, and give your donations directly to principled conservative candidates.

4. In addition to running and supporting candidates for public office, run for every possible party office. The best way to get a political party to change is to take it over.

5. Rove said that Tea Partiers need to study key issues. Quite frankly, Tea Partiers already know the issues. Despite the fact that many are new to organized politics, they are savvy and wise about the direction the country needs to take. They do, however, need to read and study more than the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, and other writings of the Founders, although those are, of course, the essential foundations. They should read and study the writings of great but more recent conservative thinker-activists such as Mark Levin, Bill Buckley, Russell Kirk, Barry Goldwater (The Conscience of a Conservative), and others. Tea Partiers will then better know who they are politically, will better understand what they believe, and will possess even better clarity about why they believe it. By reading conservative thinker-activist writings from the past half-century, Tea Partiers will be better able to educate, enlist, convert, and successfully debate others.

As a postscript to these five recommendations, I would add that Tea Parties should support only candidates who will pledge to repeal many of the laws, regulations, programs, and policies of recent big-government politicians — and by that I mean both Republicans and Democrats. Also, any candidate who does not identify upholding the Constitution as one of his or her top five priorities should be suspect.

As a multi-decade veteran of the conservative movement, I can say that two of its biggest mistakes have been to become too attached to big-government Republican Party leaders and to fail to make inroads into the Democratic Party. The Tea Party can change that.

Tea Partiers need to remember that you are the leaders you’ve been waiting for. We all need to get out of our comfort zones and provide leadership to take back America — and that starts with changing the Republican and Democratic Party leaders.


Many of us are in hyper-partisan districts with no chance of removing an entrenched progressive from power.  Like a tic that has embedded its teeth into the electorate, attempting to pull the body out will only leave the head in place.  PUT YOUR TIME AND MONEY WHERE YOU WILL MAKE THE MOST IMPACT.

In addition to organizing family and friends to vote for the best available candidate, volunteer your time and funding to the most trustworthy candidates with the best chance to succeed.  Who is trustworthy?  Those with consistent conservatism scores, both recent and lifetime, and those who are receiving most of their money from individuals and not corporations.

We must act, but we must not act blindly. And that is why, with the help of many of the members here, I compiled a database that can be put to use to isolate, personalize, and polarize the seemingly innumerable statists who seek a return to their seats of power in November. Are we going to allow that to happen? Hell no!

Conservatives aren’t the extremists

The truth is warped and mangled by today’s media and the people know it. The more we bring it to their attention, the harder they insist it isn’t so.
The truth is spelled out by

about this new false label assigned to traditional Americans- by the alliance of an out of control and very intolerant left, and an ever compliant media determined to distort the facts.

Read his article below-

Conservatives aren’t the extremists

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