Paying For Free Lunch

Harry Reid thinks the taxpayers who have found a voice in the the form of the Tea Party movement have it all wrong…

What did Milton Friedman say about those that think like Harry Reid?


Let’s Be Clear…

Obama is fond of saying this.

If anything gets much clearer for America under Obama’s leadership, based on how the media will report it, then expect bats to start falling from the night’s sky as they suffer catastrophic mid air collisions in their sonar deprived blindness. We know the lapdogs are just doing what they are told to do as caucus team players, parrot the talking points, but the rest of us can see even they are beginning to squirm more now at the lies and audacity, and feel the need to shower more often.

No real explanation as to why Obama chose to start a new war without any real national interest, not even the ministers of propaganda are able to spin it well.

Maybe we can get a clear explanation on what social engineering did for our housing values? Or maybe, why people like Barney Franks or Chris Dodd are not in prison for their roles in the outright extortion and ponzi schemes they devised and supported resulting in the predictable and subsequent collapse of the mortgage financing sector?

This country has tremendous reserves of untapped energy resources and the technology know-how to safely extract them, and put them to productive use to aid our economic vitality, but what is very clear is that those invested in their own power will not permit this course for our future, not while they hold the reins.

Here is what is crystal clear to the average taxpayer, that there are way too many people playing games with the truth. A trip to the grocery store for life’s necessities is becoming a budget management exercise (that used to be reserved for planning summer vacation spending) as both food and gasoline prices are soaring.

The Democrats own the budget mess.  Any shutdown that is needed due to their reckless spending over the last four years is, and should be, pinned squarely where it belongs, on them! This country only reached a ten trillion dollar deficit in October of 2008 but now we are well past $14 trillion! Granting another raise of the debt ceiling would clearly be an outrage against the consent of the people, so our experience tells us watch out, they will find a deceitful or underhanded way of doing this and the GOP will cave in to it, despite our protests, or the damning long term affects to our posterity.

During campaigns we hear much about trimming wasteful and overlapping programs in our federal government. We know there are tons of them and the waste and fraud and abuse of taxpayers money is rampant.  Now is the time to get down to the work of paring off all this fat, as their carbon footprints on our pocketbooks is far too big.

Both parties could also look at the barriers to their power imposed by the US Constitution that they have so willfully destroyed through overreach, or just ignored for decades, and see that maybe that wasn’t such a hot idea. So many burdensome rules and regulations have been created nobody can know or comply with them all, and the free enterprise racehorse of the past is burdened with an estimate 20% of its own weight by all these, while still being expected to compete globally. While the real issues of our country like national security, energy independence, effective education, crime, moral decline, poverty etc. have not improved, and in fact worsened under central planning, our government takes an ever larger share of the cargo area in our 747 jumbo jet economy while telling us all to shut up, and sit down, and do as we are told.

Failure and incompetence without accountability is business as usual for these people, and they want to tell us how we should live? No way! We can clearly see that their interference is what is clouding our future!

Let us be clear! Let us set the conversation! Those in Washington need the message recited over again and again, they may call us any name they wish, they can blame us for their dead bats too, but we have had it, we are watching them closely in greater numbers than they think, we expect the truth, responsible and accountable government, and clearly we need to continue to let them know it!

July 17th Action Alert: Seattle Sons and Daughters of Liberty

Friday is important!

We need to show up in numbers to let it be known that Government Health Care is a sick idea!

Here is Liberty Belle’s Action Alert!

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Fight Government Run Health Care!

When: Friday, July 17th
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
Where: Every WA State Representative and Senator’s office across the state

“We the People” must send this message to Congress: millions of us, across the country, taking it to the streets in a simultaneous protest against the mighty effort to deprive us of our right to determine our own health care choices.

From Florida to Washington, from Maine to California, from Alaska to Hawaii and everywhere in between you and thousands of other Tea Party Patriots will assemble together outside the offices of those who are elected to represent us, and make our voices heard once again.

We need you and anyone else you can bring in order to achieve our goal of having massive numbers to make our point outside every single district office in the country. Take 1 hour off of work on July 17th to show up and speak out.

You need to find the WA State Representative or Senator nearest to you, so please visit Tea Party WA where you will find a comprehensive list of office locations as well as other information. To RSVP please go here.

Bring signs and letters to give to your Representative or Senator. There will be no formal agenda, no speakers, no sound systems. Just citizens fighting the Goliath sized government with their bare hands. We need every body available! If you absolutely cannot make it, please fax your letter or call during that same time period.

Keep in mind that we are the only ones fighting the massive army of Organizing for America (Obama’s activists from the campaign), who are currently working day and night to support a government run health care system. Check out their event search page to see how many events they are planning in your neighborhood! There are a lot, and that means we need to fight harder!!

Never stop fighting.

In liberty,

Liberty Belle

// //

Real Facts | Patients United Now

Real Facts | Patients United Now

National Review Cover says it all!

National Review Cover says it all!

The stakes are too high to wait. Now is the time for patients to unite!

Submitted by admin on Thu, 05/14/2009 – 07:15

Now is the time for common-sense Americans to fight back and speak out for balanced, common-sense reforms to our ailing health care system. Real health care reform would put patients in control of deciding, with their doctors, which choices make the most sense for them.

By joining Patients United Now, you can add your voice against a Washington takeover of your family’s health care, and support real health care choices for every American.

Join us now!

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