“Positive” Government Rights De-constituting America

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Thanks to decades of progressive education, media propaganda, and politicians from both parties that have ignored their oaths to uphold our US Constitution, we may now say we are nearly de-constituted as a country that once was based on individual freedom and our property rights, in a society which both revered and observed the rule of law.

Preamble of the De-constituted
We the Central Authority of the Subservient States, in Order to form Enduring Powers, establish arbitrary Justice, insure domestic Obedience, provide for the Social Compact, promote the Standardized Consensus Agenda, and to secure and redistribute the Property of the Demos, do command, and so order, this Manifesto as Supreme authority over the subjects of the Socialist States of America from this time forward.

Far fetched? Which part is not already true?

Our federal government, populated and dominated by socialist ideologies, is dictating what the states may or may not do, as well as us citizens, as if we were subjects commanded to obey, instead of the source of our elected representatives authority. This dictating attitude of office holders is heard in their words, and seen through their actions.

The Rule of Law, along with the elements that are required for true justice, have been usurped by the rule of men. The laws have grown so numerous, and so complex as to not be known even generally, much less in any specifics by most of the people. Increasingly we see these laws are applied unequally, to politically favored groups for either exemption or benefit, and to dis-favored groups as punishments and inhibitors of freedom. Not only is the individual left largely unprotected now in favor of the arbitrary “greater good” of society, new laws are damning to the individual… and his rights. Success of the productive is often met by confiscation, overbearing regulation, and even more laws of men which are meant mainly to siphon off a maximum value for the longest time possible, and redistribute those proceeds to ensure political power for themselves. Judicial review is no longer conducted by impartial or independent judges.

Irresponsible social promises have been made now for generations, by those willing to promise anything, without being held responsible for their false advertising, which in turn has made the notion of a ‘social compact’ between the government and the people seem almost natural for people to expect, and many feel this promised arrangement is somehow superior to the idea of true self sufficiency and the liberty to pursue ones own happiness. Evidently these people have never thought it through far enough to realize that one cannot both retain responsibility for determining one’s own path, and simultaneously enjoy no responsibilities for their own welfare.

If we are to retain our ability to demand our consent for a system of self-government, as a representative Republic, we must elect those that understand the elements of good law to be our lawmakers. Otherwise we end up with the rule of men, uncertainty, decline, and worst of all, the end of our liberty.

Our Founders understood what the Rule of Law consists of. Our elected officials need to remember these elements too. The rule of law must be known (knowable) in general to all, have a certainty (a law we count on to last without changing, and have a sound legal framework. It must be applied with equality, with an absence of any government discretionary power which always threatens the Rule of Law. It must have impartial independent judicial review. It must acknowledge its authority is only derived by protecting our individual rights.

The recent Obamacare law is a prime example of what happens when the Rule of Law has been eviscerated and usurped by the arbitrary rule of men. It is an unprecedented massive, unknowable law that was both rushed and rammed through Congress by a majority against the will of the people, which tramples on individual rights, is already undergoing numerous changes, will generate volumes of new rules, is creating uncertainty, is full of both discretionary powers by government and exemptions for government and others of favored status, and much of it is not subjected to any independent judicial review or even congressional review. Life itself will be put at risk by its provisions, which do include a “death panel” based on costs of services.

So we can see that the fictitious Preamble of the De-constituted above is not far fetched at all. This is however how those in power now exercise their duties. This is the power and purpose they are actively seeking by any means possible, and they likely hope to pronounce a similar manifesto of control when they know that they have crushed any resistance to them. They have massively abused their power to the point of controlling us, by ignoring good law, constitutional constraints to limit power, the sovereignty of the individual, and substituting arbitrary rules of their own making. All the positive good born of freedom which our fellow citizens, current and past, have built upon to grow this society into the greatest country, is now in jeopardy of being lost forever unless we end this rogue regime of post constitutionalists and any like it.

It is not too late though, unless of course, We the People ignore what Edmond Burke stated;

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men (and women) do nothing”

We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Learning Arizona

Obamacare Public Option

Obamacare Public Option

This article was received via e-mail from Small Business Against Big Government.

Last week I attended a luncheon with some other small business people to hear the Arizona State Treasurer address Arizona’s private and public economic status.  The Treasurer pulled no punches. The state legislature is deadlocked over the budget and barring either immediate spending cuts or an immediate tax increase the state is 30-60 days away from being out of money.

Arizonians were sold a bill of goods involving the big tobacco settlement from 1998, remember that?

By the next election cycle Proposition 204 sealed their fate- as what was sold- was not what was written in the bill, just as the Obama administration is doing now.

This is an excellent article that clearly lays out what awaits America with the Trojan Horse called the Public Option!

Anatomy of a Trojan Horse

If you think by some miracle that Obamacare actually has a chance of bringing any of the improvements promised, take a look at reality, than get out there and help stop this before it is too late!

Health Reform: Debate over “How?”

The Health Care reform debate is shaping up to be a contentious one, again.  On one side you have the Obama administration and his push to bring some form of a socialized national health care,  on the other you have the people that believe free enterprise will provide needed reforms if given a chance to do so.

While Washington fights over philosophies we take  a look at the local debate.

The debate over whether or not reform is even needed seems to be stipulated…it is widely agreed upon  reforms are needed,  due to the increasingly high cost of care and also many other factors.

So once again the real debate is over the “how”  to achieve reform that works.

Nearly half of the industry is already controlled by government, and it is certainly not the efficient half of the system  of the two!

Personally, I am on the side of  vigorous “free market competition“, and some common sense tort reforms to allow doctors some protection against the constant lawsuit threat due to astronomical awards given (even in settling baseless claims) for malpractice.

Of course the “entitlement side” that Obama represents is adamantly opposed to both these concepts.

The ever present “fairness” label is being applied once again as the left tries to assert that equal care for one and all is “a right“,  which of course it isn’t!

A fellow tea party member of several local and national groups,  Tawnya recently brought to my attention a good debate being waged in the “letters to the editor” pages of the Monroe Monitor over the last couple of weeks.

Obama is using his alliance with a  compliant media to help push his vision for us on this debate-his vision is clear-he wants national government control.

Meanwhile the regular folks are fighting back, as they realize if they don’t nobody else will, and this is too important to the welfare and well-being of ourselves and families!

We want our freedom, and individual control over our decisions, especially our health!

Two of my children were delivered by a doctor that no longer delivers babies after government controls at the state level drove out the insurance companies and drove up malpractice insurance rates.  Many of those government control decisions had to be altered and reversed,  insurance “reform” had created a crisis–the  shortage of OB/GYN doctors!

Tawnya noticed how the media was using “heart touching stories” to promote Obamas vision, she had one of her own,  so when a similar story appeared in her local paper she wrote in response.  I think the editor of this paper is getting slammed with letters at this pont, but Tawnya was still able to get  her letter in response published.  Tawnya’s  story is as heart touching as the original with a much different perspective on a similar story.

Reading the various responses to the editor is actually very educational, and one thing is very clear to me.  There is no consensus, and this debate is very far from over!

Original article (pdf) and responses (pdf)- here Tawnya’s  letter here and  here

They seemed to get away with the “debate is over” and “there is consensus” about the global warming hoax but that will not happen with the health care reform debate- if we step up and be heard, like Tawnya has done!

Excerpt from Tawnya’s letter–

I too have had a friend with cancer fly from Alaska to Seattle to have treatments. I’ve had my heart break watching what she was going through as she struggles to survive and raise her little girl on her own.  Unfortunately she could not afford to make many trips from Alaska. My friend ended up having to swallow her pride, which was not an easy thing to do, and ask for assistance. It is what she chose to do to survive. I don’t feel the need to give a blow by blow of her daily life and struggles to pull at your heartstrings to sway your opinion, but I would like to give some food for thought. I’m sure we all have stories that would touch each other on an emotional level that we could pass back and forth for days.  It all comes down to individual choice.  The one thing in this world that is truly mine is my body.  My body, My choice, I would like to keep it that way. One size doesn’t fit all. I don’t want rationed healthcare where government dictates what medical service I can or can’t have. That should be left between my doctor and me.

Justifying “Final Control” Over American Lives Via Bio-Ethics

Recently a friends article appeared in the Tea Party Nation Newsletter covering the potential cost of our health care going national, and being socialized, and some of the people directly involved with advising this Obama administration.  Given the presidents stands on issues like late-term abortion, we can be safe in assuming he agrees with the bio-ethic “science” too!  Bioethics is the study of the ethical decisions in medical matters.  The field is full of philosophers and academia writing important sounding papers while  setting the ground work for imposing policy about life and death situations in medical care. The fact they are seriously considering some of these ideas for “cost effectiveness” and may yet be the basis for politicians setting policy, should send a chill down every spine in America!

Death and Taxes – Obama’s Health Care Reform

by Sherry Phillips

Death and taxes.  You can’t get away from either of them, and when it comes to Obama’s new health care reform, they go hand in hand- like peanut butter and jelly.  His chief counselor on health care reform is Rahm Emanuel’s older brother, Ezekiel.  Ever heard of him?  I hadn’t, so I Googled his name and came up with some disturbing and frightening information.

Ezekiel Emanuel is a physician who keeps company and writes books with people like “the dean of health-care economists, Victor Fuchs.”
To Ezekiel’s delight, he spoke excitedly about his friend’s estimation of obtaining health-care reform in the US. “[Fuchs] has long maintained that we will get health-care reform only when there is a war, a depression or some other major civil unrest. It’s beginning to look like we might just get all three.” Indeed.  Things that trouble your average American, like a war, a depression and civil unrest, seem to delight Emanuel and his cronies because it helps to further their liberal agenda.

In one of the more shocking articles I found on Emanuel, in 1998 he co-wrote a paper with Margaret Pabst Battin entitled,

and my personal favorite,

In case you need clarification on that last one, she believes if you’ve got a terminal illness, your doctors should simply refuse to treat you since you’re going to die anyway.

There is a group in NY entitled The Hastings Center.  This center seems to be a fan of the Nazi’s euphemistically named act of “mercy killing”. The Hastings Center calls it “the right to die” and advocates suicide, “assisted suicide,” and helping death along by withholding medicine, food, and water from the sick.  While speaking to the Hastings Center last year, another friend of Emanuel’s, Phillip Ellis, complained about the fact that one-third of health-care expenses go to treat people for conditions from which they die anyway. For your information, Ezekiel Emanuel is a Fellow of the Hastings Center and these are the people Obama has as advisers for his health care reform.

So if I understand these people correctly, if you or a loved one are diagnosed with terminal cancer, but could get chemotherapy and live another 6 – 8 years (in which time a cure may be found), you should not receive chemo because you’re going to die anyway and it will be cheaper for everyone if you just go ahead and die.  Heck, they’ll even help you do it!  I guess that’s one way to cut back on health care expenses.

Which brings us to the question of how they are going to pay for their government run health care reform.  Three letters V.A.T. – the Value Added Tax.  In an article published by the HuffingtonPost.com last July, Ezekial wrote, “Americans would pay a dedicated Value Added Tax. “Dedicated” means it only goes to fund the Guaranteed Healthcare Access Plan and is not diverted to defense or Social Security or highway construction. ”  So, on top of your income taxes and rising costs of living, you get the privilege of paying an additional VAT (which taxes everybody from the ground up). Prices will rise for everything from the gas in your car to the groceries your family eats.  His brother Rahm has already started floating the VAT trial balloon for public consumption.

You might be asking yourself why would anyone want this system?  Why, when countries like Canada, Great Britain, and even the much lauded socialist Sweden are realizing that Socialized medicine doesn’t work and are trying to head back toward privatized medicine, are our government officials rushing at warp speed toward it?  Why tell American citizens things will be better if we just do our health care like our Canadian brethren while Canadian patients, desperate for health care and having to wait 6 months to see a doctor, are taking their savings and crossing the border into the US to get the medical attention they need to save their life?  People in Canada die waiting to see a doctor.

Last Saturday, D-Day, June 6th, Obama requested that his minions throw house parties in support of his Socialization of Health care.  Conservatives spread the word through TPN, Twitter and other conservative social networking sites and decided to hold counter-protests to these secretive house parties.  As Vern S. noted at the rally in Franklin, TN, “They chose to meet in secret to discuss their socialist plans for America.  We rally in public to let them know we don’t want it!”  The protests took many forms.  In San Diego, Jerry K. said some were planning on actually attending the meetings and talking to the hosts one on one.  In Memphis, Mark H‘s group held signs outside the meeting places.  In Seattle, Dave K. and more than 400 other patriots participated or promoted a counter protest named Funeral for Health Care (organized by Liberty Belle) to answer the Health Care Now! “astro-turfed” artificial event rally and march set up by Obama’s allies that bussed the people in for it, and ended up shocking the reform proponents by doing so!

They don’t expect us to fight back, but we are!

You may be asking yourself what can I do to stop Obama with his socialist agenda from ruining the greatest health care system in the world?

You write to and email your Representative and Senators.  You call them.  You visit their state offices in person.  You attend rallies and protests.  You let them know you are an American, not a Socialist, and you like your health care system just the way it is!

We all must act now- because the ‘silent majority’ cannot afford to be silent anymore!

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“ObamaCare” Poster Contest- Driving Message Home!

All hail Obamacare…………….Not!

Yesterday on Michelle Malkin’s blog,  she announced a contest

— spearheaded by Scott G. at Ah, Shoot for the photoshoppers out there to

use their creative talents to help spread the word against the huge push the leftist have orchestrated to impose ‘socialized medicine” upon us.

The new results(Rx) coming in with the WWII theme are exactly what the doctor ordered!

Health Care Reform Debate Must Occur!

By all indications so far, in this administration, real debate about any issue has been dismissed and policy is being imposed as if  “time for debate is over”.

No “crisis” can be wasted!

The word has been put out to Nanny Pelosi, and the rest of the “Obama-compliant” Congress and his media,

“Obamacare” (universal health care) will be voted into law before the summer break!

We will be bombarded with a lot of twisted rhetoric, pro-nationalization anecdotal evidence, that “this is the time and now is the time”, and heavy propaganda by the left about the success of national health care programs elsewhere, and the “right” of everyone in America to have access to affordable health care via such a system.

Never mind that socialized medicine is actually bankrupting other countries, eating up budgets and delivering inferior care… pay no attention to that!

Like the “Man-made Global Warming”  hoax- the facts will not matter, only peoples perception of the facts really matter to the politicians, and the left- has a monopoly in manipulating this aspect of the “debate”.

Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy’s “blueprint for health care” is being toted by the Left as the prime example we should  follow for reforms, but the “Massachusetts Model” is not exactly a success.

See Massachusetts Miracle or Massachusetts Miserable…by CATO’s Michael D. Tanner

An actual debate would need to ask this question-

Is healthy competition even being allowed to take place in the US health care system?

In a different article Mr. Tanners states:

Other countries are loosening government controls and injecting market mechanisms, particularly cost-sharing by patients, market pricing of goods and services, and increased competition among insurers and providers. Pat Cox, former president of the European Parliament, said in a report to the European Commission, “[W]e should start to explore the power of the market as a way of achieving much better value for money.”

There is even evidence of a growing shift from public to private provision of health care. If many of the proposals in Congress would push us toward more of a European-style system, the trend in Europe is toward a system that looks more like the U.S.

The politicians created an impression in the public’s mind about both the causes and effects of so-called environmental catastrophes awaiting mankind,  if we failed to act.  Once they became certain enough people believed the “evidence”, ( that they had largely fabricated ) they declared that “the debate was over”, and that the time for solutions (theirs) was here!

That method is about to saddle us with the biggest tax increase in the history of the world, and it is based solely on people believing a lie!

We must continue to expose that lie for what it is, before it destroys us, and also have actual debate on health care reform before it to becomes an excuse to plunge into the “no return world” of government control, collectivism, and socialism!

The power brokers are actually reforming our country, this is not even really about health care, or energy  problems.

This is about the ability to control massive amounts of people by having control over what they do or do not get, or are allowed to keep for themselves.

This is ultimately a  debate  about transferring our own self-determination as individuals,  over to an all powerful government.

This is a debate we must have, and that we must win to stay free!

The “Campaign for America’s (Failure) Future”

Press release yesterday from the new liberal leftist coalition that feels emboldened,energized and more organized and unified than ever.

They will all be gathering In Washington DC, today, June 1st, to discuss their plans for us!

The effort is being termed the Campaign for America’s Future “America’s Future Now”, formerly known as “Take Back America”.

The itinerary of scheduled events looks like a bunch of backslapping amongst the worse of the liberals and their union boys, some more “torture talk”, some more talks on how they plan to stick it to Americans- with both of the big clubs: socialized medicine and the cap and trade tax ( our own Jay Inslee is big proponent for the Apollo farce)

The guest of speakers includes Jessee Jackson, Howard Dean, Barney Franks, Dick Durbin and others (choking here)!

They will talk about the : “Age of Obama” , and plans to elect more progressive,and other ways to exercise power over the people.

Oh yea, we that disagree, are labeled  “special interests ” .

Progressive groups are coordinating their efforts and mobilizing independently to fight special interests standing in the way of President Obama’s progressive agenda.

You betcha!- That’s exactly what we plan to do…stand in their way!

As liberals love to misname everything, I fixed it to more accurately describe the plan-

Campaign for America’s Future Failure!