Time To Pay the Piper?

Time To Pay the Piper?
ROC Commentary (July 15, 2011 Issue#28)

Any private entity operating like our government does now would likely be considered a criminal enterprise.

Since the 1930’s our federal government works in many respects much like Ponzi schemes made famous by many notorious figures who devised underhanded ways to help themselves to the fruits of other people’s labor for profit to themselves.  Politicians figured out long ago that public accountability was lacking at certain times, especially when their own party enjoyed immense political power. Tricky wording and emotional appeal could be employed to get enough visible public support to advance ill-advised policies and programs so they could be incrementally implemented with minimum resistance from the people, most of whom would never consider the long term implications. So they promised the American people the world, the stars and the moon! Unfortunately many believed that there was such a thing as a “free lunch!” The politicians then pocketed their political profits…at our expense.

So many wild promises have been made to Americans for decades now by these politicians in the name of solving one “problem” or another with vague assurances as to the benefits compared to the true costs.  This selling by incremental steps has a ratcheting factor too (rarely, if ever, reversed) that has allowed the politicians of the federal government to create incomprehensible, mammoth-sized money drains on America’s productive. A continuing series of power usurping moves by these so called representatives or by supposedly impartial judges with agendas (public servants entrusted with upholding the duties and responsibilities required by the US Constitution) has also successfully reversed the role of our federal government in relation to the people.

Increasingly the media safeguard for accountability has evaporated as they have ignored their watchdog role or actively participated in the political deceptions. Now the federal government has intruded into numerous areas of our lives by exercising power they were never granted by the people or by our founding documents. This usurpation of power has cost us big time… in both monetary terms, and in our liberty. The “piper” now holds a huge bill in our name (not the politicians who ran it up)… that threatens to exceed our ability to pay. The reckless spending for empty promises must stop now, and the bill we owe must be addressed … while we still can. The past promises that were made and are now depended on by so many must be brought into proper perspective through a prism based in reality and not automatically continued “as is” until they inevitably ruin us all financially.

What we are witnessing in the the “debt ceiling” debate is the unpleasant reality which eventually catches up with those who set up schemes to defraud others.  The unpleasant results of making wild promises, while using other peoples money to keep the scams going, has come to a head.  Those who are in on the Washington con or “game” simply wish to continue to play… by giving themselves permission to do so, even though it has become glaringly apparent that the longer this continues, the worse it will be for our young and future citizens.

The American people for the most part have made it clear that we expect and demand responsible, accountable, and honest solutions by our representation to get us back on the right track and provide our posterity with the same opportunities we have enjoyed. We repeatedly reject any more “smoke and mirrors”, or “kicking the can down the road” in order to avoid doing what must be done.

This is not just another high stakes contest in the game of “chicken” between political foes.  This battle has much more on the line than who wins politically. Ultimately the outcome will directly affect all the people, and determine the future or demise of this country.  There is very little to really compromise on, as the actual choice is stark… either the success or failure as a country.  It is time to stand up for doing what is right if we believe in America. It is long past due time to “pay the piper” and to get our house in order to ensure that from now on… we have and operate a government based in reality… and not false utopian dreams for equal outcomes, ideological fantasies, or other pretending.

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Media “Lapdog Act” continues with Health Care Reporting!

Obamas poll numbers are actually below what George W. Bush had at the same stage of his presidency.

This is incredible, as the media has done everything they can to promote both the man and his policies since he became the presumptive Democrat nominee last year, something never afforded to Bush by a long shot!

Fortunately we have actual facts reported by others like Brent Bozell, President of the Media Research Center.

Brett knows what media should be doing and what they should not be doing, and when it comes to reporting on most anything involving the liberal agenda you can pretty much take it to the bank that they (the media) will not be doing their job!

Alexandria, VA – Media Research Center President Brent Bozell today called on the media to stop reporting on the American health care system as a “crisis” situation.  The facts simply belie the claim.

A poll conducted by the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and Zogby International (http://www.zogby.com/news/ReadNews.cfm?ID=1722) finds that 84 percent of Americans, including 46 percent of Americans without health care insurance, are “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with the health care they currently receive.

Released on Wednesday, the poll was glaringly absent from most news reports late last week and over the weekend.

MRC President Brent Bozell:

“The media need to stop acting like arsonists when it comes to their reporting on the U.S. health care system, starting a fire and then suggesting to put it out the government takeover of 1/5th of our economy.

“There is no health care crisis.  The American people are overwhelmingly satisfied with the health care they currently receive.  The media should report this instead of helping incite for the socialist solution – the government making our most vital life and death health decisions.

“The real crisis here is the crisis of confidence that the American people have in the media.  The press need to stop creating calamities where there are none, and instead do what they are charged with doing – reporting the facts.”

MRC.org – The Media Research Center

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Shrinking Shield of Cover for Left

We let it be known as citizens and voters that we do not want certain things – in response our politicians go about implementing what they want anyway. This is especially true when the left holds power!

Over and over these “trusted public servants” serve up a full plate of deception and connive new schemes to fool as many people as possible into letting them do whatever they want to do. What they want to do is to grow power over us any way they can.

If the people say no, the politicians say “okay”,  as they find new ways to do it anyway.

Today we see the US Senate attaching an amendment for a bill meant to fund defense spending with provisions to make special punishments for those that dare disagree with  newly favored groups of minorities.  Thinking or expressing a certain opinion or attitude  could now be illegal for those people not part of the groups mentioned!

When did they last do this very same thing? September 2007

That effort was met with the veto power of a different president.

Did the people ask for this? No, they were against it- and still are!

In issue after issue, we see this happening.

How many times will we have to fight the same battles over and over again?

This “equalizer” is going to put some  good people in jail unjustly!

Think about how many issues that didn’t fly,  but become magically resurrected with a new approach, label, or  angle taken by our public leaders.

We vote, we say “NO!”, and a year later we are fighting the same issue, why?

A big part of it is  that our politicians know they have cover… our media.

Media have become a weird and bizarre group that is acting in a manner to legitimize an upside down perception of reality.  While portraying society in one way, they are aiding in destroying it in another. This partnership of perception shaping with government is a truly dangerous game.

The horrible job that our government is doing now is reported as progress!  The total economic disaster engineered by the left that threatens to bring down our nation, bring about the end of everything most of us hold dear,  is the actual reality.

I have three socialists supposedly representing me in the federal government, another as a governor, a state legislator and county government  full of them.  I have some very gullible neighbors who are happy to know these things are so ,  who think things are bound to improve now that Obama is president too!

Who do they trust for their information about the state of society, the media of course. How do they(media) expose these politicians for who they really are? Well, actually, they don’t,  instead they legitimize them- by keeping any honest analysis of what they are doing quiet.

Their “savior” Obama hasn’t improved a thing (due to George Bush of course), and who cares about Iranians, or Cap and Trade (whatever that is), or the dozen of our brave soldiers lost in the past few weeks,  when it is so sad that Michael Jackson passed so early in life!

The problem is of course peoples willingness to accept ignorance as wisdom pulls the rug out from under all of our feet by allowing these slinking, sneaky, and sleazy politicians to ruin and destroy on a regular basis and have the cover of the “all knowing media” to justify their actions.

While the solar activity of our sun has actually begun a long cooling period, the media continues to provide cover to the Global Warming lie. The sleazy politicians still need this lie to do what we people do not want,  restrict our energy.

The opposition to Government Health Care is not going to be covered by media either, we know why.

Most of us know that appearances are not always what they appear to be, but our politicians know they can control perception of reality if they control the media, and those that do so the most effectively make perception our reality as they say. Media and politicians deny this blatant bias but how can they given they are ignoring the millions comprising the tea party movement?

The tea party movement is offering a new voice against these engineered perceptions.  Many of those that work within media and still cognizant of actual reality may soon be making the decision to join us rather than give in to the mess their industry is enabling.  Maybe. We want those honest enough to see reality on this side.

In the mean time we need to keep pressure on these politicians and let them know that we are watching and talking about every underhanded method they are using to defy what most Americans want, and work to get them out of positions of trust.

We also need to keep holding up the mirror to our media and exposing them for what they have become, wasted talent, pawns of politicians of a certain ilk.  The job of providing cover needs to become un attractive to them as it is surely ugly to behold for those who can see past their shrinking shield of cover!

The extent of Media Bias realized and increasingly resented

Nashville Revival Rally July 2nd, 2009

Photos from “America’s Tea party” in Dallas at Southfork Ranch

If you are among the 100,000’s that attended a tea party this past weekend chances are you did so without any of those pesky propagandists (formally known as journalists) around trying to get you to say something good about our government these days.

I think they may just be  following that old adage “If you don’t have anything nice to say; than don’t say anything at all!

Maybe they are just too embarrassed to show up to see what normal Americans think!

Too bad, they missed a lot.

Funny though, nobody seemed to miss them! The stories and photos are being posted!

They missed hearing how we know our founders got it right.  They missed hearing that people know the difference between a constitutional republic and what the Democrats try and instill every time they gain any power!

They missed that we acknowledge a higher power grants mankind  natural rights and governments should only exist to preserve and protect those rights!

They missed how we respect the words in our Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem, Declaration of Independence and in our Constitution.

They missed how we honor our fallen and respect our veterans.

Nor were they there to hear the stories of those who have escaped to America from elsewhere and know this to be the best country on earth because of our freedom.

Thank you my fellow American, my “right winged extremists” friends, or as Obama like to call us all- “special interests”!

From what I witnessed at the tea party I attended it is true…we do have a “special interest”, keeping America free and our liberty intact while having those values pass on to future generations.

It’s the biggest story there is out there, record numbers of Americans standing up for what they believe in!

The tea party coverage that wasn’t

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Change? Not so Far: Our Border Drug War Still Rages

The number of Americans killed by illegal immigrants exceeds the number of total American deaths in Vietnam War,  but with the Narco War the yearly deaths across our border the last few years regularly exceed the total number of American troops killed in both Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

Yet you hardly hear a thing from either our government or the ‘mainstream’ media.

There are some who are there to observe,  and document the horrendous narco wars that is taking out law enforcement officials at the rate of almost two lives lost each and every day!

Change? Not so Far: Our Border Drug War Still Rages

Our president has been traipsing around the world telling others just how bad America was because of George Bush,  so where is his leadership?  As a former consumer of illicit drugs,  he can share in the guilt for being part of the huge market for dope, by dopes in this country.

He is in the position to help bring this situation under control, so where is his leadership as  Mexico has its citizens slaughtered, their war is crossing our borders, and yet he worries for the rights of Gitmo terrorists instead?

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Conservatives aren’t the extremists

The truth is warped and mangled by today’s media and the people know it. The more we bring it to their attention, the harder they insist it isn’t so.
The truth is spelled out by

about this new false label assigned to traditional Americans- by the alliance of an out of control and very intolerant left, and an ever compliant media determined to distort the facts.

Read his article below-

Conservatives aren’t the extremists

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An Open letter to KOMO

We predicted your behavior, and sure enough you acted true to form.

We are sure you have your reasons, and excuses, and frankly- I do not need to hear them at all!

You failed at reporting! That’s not news to us!

It wasn’t like you were not notified in advance, because, of course, you were.

It’s OKAY if you  exercise your prerogative and select the news to report.

What’s so big about 400+ people there as counter protesters, whom are truly the grass roots enthusiastic, and committed group of the two crowds gathered yesterday?

The ‘astroturf’ crowd sure noticed our Funeral for Health Care, they were distracted to the point of frustration.

They, the artificial astroturfers held their mass produced union signs, and almost no American flags- while the real grassroots crowd had very creative homemade signs, and were the ones waving all the American flags!

Your story conveniently omits any mention of our crowd while misrepresenting their crowd as attracting people from all over the Northwest.

Excuse me…they were bussed in as planned! Here is an example from one union the Washington Federation of State Employees.

It did not ‘draw’ participants from all over the NW, it was a staged event to project a public image; that most of the people now want socialized medicine .

We had the counter message that you refused to show.  We do not want a government managing our health care, and think such a step is a one way stride into socialism!

We had plenty of alternative solutions and flyers to hand out to those wanting information!

You see, we were not hiding information, we were providing it…like News organizations used to do!

Please see Patients United Now website for alternatives in the Health Care reform debate!

See more photos of event here

A new term has emerged from this type of news coverage;  “Obama Compliant News”

it could be a logo of endearment for the left, while a warning logo to us!