Old Fashioned Independence Day in America on Mercer Island

Independence Day celebrations and tea party events going on today.  I took my 12 year old son to the one at Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island and sponsored by the Conservative Enthusiasts .  Great time, and my son even got into it as our photographer!

LB 4th of July 064

We had  many great speakers, and some great music,  under perfect sunny skies.  The amphitheater faces grassy hillsides with several trees providing shade and made for a very comfortable and relaxing venue for watching the events of the day.  The “Old Fashioned  4th of July” reminded us of the true nature of our country, and our duty to preserve and protect our freedoms and liberty,  on the day that honors the birth of the greatest nation on earth, America.  A bald eagle, symbol of America,  actually appeared out of nowhere and soared low across the crowd an hour into the events, how appropriate his brief appearance was!

Beren intro

4th of July LB at Rally

Steve Beren introduced Keli Carunder or Liberty Belle as we all know her, as the very first person to get together some people and protest the outrageous spending going on under this administration and went on to elaborate on how Keli epitomizes what an activist can be and has been an exemplary example for us. Keli is definitely a person with the courage of her convictions- and is a leader.  I hope to see her take the steps necessary to run for office herself one day.

I was finally able to meet some of the folks I have been communicating with over these past few months and received some great complements about this blog.  This was good to hear as this blog is here to help.

Some of the highlights included fantastic speeches by Keli Carender, Cheryl Haskins, Luke Esser, and Col Pham.

One common thread was this- if you don’t appreciate it,  if you don’t stand on principles, and if you do not fight for your freedom someone will take it away. This Obama administration and his liberal followers are trying their best to do just that!

The music and tributes to our fallen warriors and veterans were special, especially when Sarge Lawrence had the vets come down out of the crowd and sang “I praise the Vet” and “Thanks to Them“.

LB 4th of July  086

There were more great songs and music from Voices of Freedom and Garret Lloyd King

We also heard from conservative candidates like David Castillo and Steve Beren.

I thought about the administrations efforts to paint a picture of all these great decent folks as potential domestic terrorists, I thought just how opposite that is from the truth, these are people that truly love our country and would never apologize for being a part of it!

I had to leave a bit early so I can’t report on the last part of the event,  but I can say I look forward to the next one!

Keli aka Liberty Belle distributed flier’s announcing the call for a simultaneous nationwide protest against the plan to nationalize Health Care to be held @ 9 am on July 17th outside all Senate and Representatives offices.

I added the upcoming event on Tea Party Nation events .