Time To Pay the Piper?

Time To Pay the Piper?
ROC Commentary (July 15, 2011 Issue#28)

Any private entity operating like our government does now would likely be considered a criminal enterprise.

Since the 1930’s our federal government works in many respects much like Ponzi schemes made famous by many notorious figures who devised underhanded ways to help themselves to the fruits of other people’s labor for profit to themselves.  Politicians figured out long ago that public accountability was lacking at certain times, especially when their own party enjoyed immense political power. Tricky wording and emotional appeal could be employed to get enough visible public support to advance ill-advised policies and programs so they could be incrementally implemented with minimum resistance from the people, most of whom would never consider the long term implications. So they promised the American people the world, the stars and the moon! Unfortunately many believed that there was such a thing as a “free lunch!” The politicians then pocketed their political profits…at our expense.

So many wild promises have been made to Americans for decades now by these politicians in the name of solving one “problem” or another with vague assurances as to the benefits compared to the true costs.  This selling by incremental steps has a ratcheting factor too (rarely, if ever, reversed) that has allowed the politicians of the federal government to create incomprehensible, mammoth-sized money drains on America’s productive. A continuing series of power usurping moves by these so called representatives or by supposedly impartial judges with agendas (public servants entrusted with upholding the duties and responsibilities required by the US Constitution) has also successfully reversed the role of our federal government in relation to the people.

Increasingly the media safeguard for accountability has evaporated as they have ignored their watchdog role or actively participated in the political deceptions. Now the federal government has intruded into numerous areas of our lives by exercising power they were never granted by the people or by our founding documents. This usurpation of power has cost us big time… in both monetary terms, and in our liberty. The “piper” now holds a huge bill in our name (not the politicians who ran it up)… that threatens to exceed our ability to pay. The reckless spending for empty promises must stop now, and the bill we owe must be addressed … while we still can. The past promises that were made and are now depended on by so many must be brought into proper perspective through a prism based in reality and not automatically continued “as is” until they inevitably ruin us all financially.

What we are witnessing in the the “debt ceiling” debate is the unpleasant reality which eventually catches up with those who set up schemes to defraud others.  The unpleasant results of making wild promises, while using other peoples money to keep the scams going, has come to a head.  Those who are in on the Washington con or “game” simply wish to continue to play… by giving themselves permission to do so, even though it has become glaringly apparent that the longer this continues, the worse it will be for our young and future citizens.

The American people for the most part have made it clear that we expect and demand responsible, accountable, and honest solutions by our representation to get us back on the right track and provide our posterity with the same opportunities we have enjoyed. We repeatedly reject any more “smoke and mirrors”, or “kicking the can down the road” in order to avoid doing what must be done.

This is not just another high stakes contest in the game of “chicken” between political foes.  This battle has much more on the line than who wins politically. Ultimately the outcome will directly affect all the people, and determine the future or demise of this country.  There is very little to really compromise on, as the actual choice is stark… either the success or failure as a country.  It is time to stand up for doing what is right if we believe in America. It is long past due time to “pay the piper” and to get our house in order to ensure that from now on… we have and operate a government based in reality… and not false utopian dreams for equal outcomes, ideological fantasies, or other pretending.

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Rationing our health and energy (with our money)!

Anybody wonder which country we should model ourselves after- by Obama standards?


ACORN allegedly received more than a dollar times (X) every human being living on earth ($ 4 billion) to ‘reform communities’, but we are yet to see what that means to the Americans that foot the bill for them.

That of course came from the “stimulus” that seems to be generating unemployment, bankruptcies, government take-overs, and economic worries  for the most part right now- more than stimulating anything!

The Cap and Trade tax otherwise know as the Energy Rationing Bill aka H. R. 2454, American Clean Energy and Security Act, or the Waxman-Markey energy rationing  –

Statement by Myron Ebell, CEI Director of Energy and Global Warming Policy

The House Energy and Commerce Committee has voted to send to the House floor probably the most destructive bill ever passed out of a congressional committee. The Waxman-Markey energy-rationing bill, if enacted, will be the biggest tax increase in the history of the world. It will take trillions of dollars from consumers while making massive payoffs to the big business special interests that support the bill.By raising energy prices through the roof, it will destroy millions of jobs and create perpetual economic stagnation.

by Christine Hall on the Competitive Enterprise Institute Website
May 22, 2009

I just call it the Trillions of Dollars Tax Hike!

“Under my plan of a cap and trade system electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket … that will cost money. They will pass that money on to consumers …” -President Barack Obama, Meeting with the Editorial Board at the San Francisco Chronicle, January, 2008

So if this isn’t enough to make you think that Obama and his Congress have lost their collectivists minds, enter the Grand-daddy of all socialists plans disguised as needed reform- Socialized Medicine!

See, even though ACORN is being funded to the teeth for God knows what, this is a drop in  the bucket compared to the $21 billion (provided for out of our hip pockets and purses across the land) as a “jump start” for Health Care IT.

Enter David Blumanthal, a Harvard Medical professor who is director of the Institute for Health Policy at Massachusetts General Hospital  and appointed as the new national coordinator for health information technology.

His article Health Care Reform Grows from Grass Roots interestingly contains nearly identical wording of the announced Obama Care policy.

Obama and his spokesperson

“Dr. Blumenthal shares President Obama’s commitment to investing in a health IT infrastructure that will protect patient privacy, and improve both quality and efficiency in our nation’s health system.”

Obama has repeatedly stated his plan would reduce errors, improve access, reduce costs, and improve quality.  Like everything else he says- he doesn’t tell us how he hopes to do this.

I think he is leaving it up to Dr. Blumethal to implement former Senator Tom Daschle’s socialized medicine plans!

Dr. Blumethal

“These goals include expanding access, reducing medical errors, making health care more affordable, and promoting efforts to attack serious public health problems.”

The June 2006  article starts off by claiming the oft repeated exaggeration of 46 million people running around the country desperately worrying daily about their health care, goes on to talk about efforts to generate a grass roots campaign to generate support for his plans, and concludes that though not a program to preclude national health reform, it would be great for Harvard!

Now it is Obamacare, and is the national reform program!

This tidbit about Senator Ted Kennedy also is interesting-

Senator Edward M. Kennedy applauded the choice of Blumenthal, who was on Kennedy’s health staff from 1977 to 1980.



I can see that the issues are easily manipulated because they are complex and most people do not know what the solutions are from either side.

Obama and company are expanding governments role and claiming this will “save the economy” for one thing.

The people at AAPS (Association of American Physicians and Surgeons) beg to differ in this February 2009 article ( and that’s when they thought 1 billion was going to IT for Health Care!)

The “stimulus bill” provisions for health information technology and comparative effectiveness research (CER) appear to dovetail with these stated objectives. Obviously, entering data into a computer does not prevent or cure any illnesses, nor will spending $1.1 billion on CER lead to any new treatments—it is not designed to do so.

So what do they do? AMA denials notwithstanding, they set up the mechanism for monitoring the rationing of care through enforcement of “evidence-based” medicine.

Problems with the “evidence” include: researcher bias, discordant results, insufficient reporting, and fraud, writes Twila Brase, R.N., P.H.N. (“Evidence-based Medicine Is Rationing Care, Hurting Patients,” The State Factor, December 2008).

The comments go on to explain despite Europe’s socialized medicine systems it has hardly saved them economically it has propelled them toward bankruptcy faster!

The average financial shortfall of EU nations is more than 8% of the present value of all future GDP. This means that, in addition to all projected tax and other revenues, the average country would have to have more than four times its current GDP in the bank, drawing interest, to fund current policies indefinitely. Of course, no nation has that much money in hand, so the gap will have to be closed by changing taxes and/or benefits.

A friend refers to the Department of Health and Human Services now as the

Department of Unhealthy and Inhumane Services. Thievery could be part of name also!

The federal government already spends $1 out of every $ 4 on government health services- that could soon be $2+,  or even more! Except the government doesn’t have any money ,it collects ours, and borrows more in our names! What they do have is historical debt that they are doubling down on(with our money)!

Our energy will now be severely rationed.

Our health will be rationed.

ACORN will be up to something with all that money of ours! I am certain whatever it is it will not benefit us!

So our leaders- if they haven’t lost their minds, must think we should use a better example than ourselves-

What country do they believe we should emulate?

The former Soviet Union?

You remember them,…they went bankrupt while the people lived in serfdom for decades before the total collapse!

UPDATE: Republicans offer alternative in the Health Care Reform debate

Today I joined an organization to help fight for our rights of self-determination in Health Care

Patients United Now