February 16th,2009…historic!



Most of the nation saw the date come and go without a clue that history was being made by sixty or so souls gathered in a city known for its coffee,  fish market,  Space Needle and liberal attitude second only to California’s Bay area bastions of Berkley and San Francisco!

The prime class conservative blogger Michelle Malkin picked up on the effort in her former stomping grounds and sent some real pork and much needed national attention Seattle’s way for the eleventh hour protest organized by a blogger named Keli, who goes by the blog name of Liberty Belle!

The motivation was there, and national news was; ‘Government gone wild’  spending our taxpayers money while charging up the kids and grand kids credit cards under the guise of an economic crisis!

While most of us would be happy with an extra $500 dollars via a lucky scratch-off ticket, or a hundred bucks or so savings on frequent flying miles, or having finally saved a a couple of grand for a down payment, or saving enough for our kids college savings, the government was not just spending $millions,  nor $billions,  but $trillions recklessly!

They were passing legislation rammed through so fast that nobody on either side even had the time to read the bills!

We would be left with the bill to pay, and they had never even read what the bills said!

I wrote about this on my blog that day, thinking well maybe there might be some hope if a protest could be mounted in the heart of a liberal location like Seattle.

Still,  I myself  had no clue about the scope of the momentum that started that day.  Comment’s on the Malkin site were mostly scoffing at the effort as a waste of time.

Prior to  February 27th at the second Seattle tea party rally it was clear that many people across the nation shared in the prevailing sentiment;  that our government is out of control,  out of touch,  and acting totally irresponsibly at our expense, and at the expense of our posterity. I wrote about the tea parties brewing across the nation on February 24th.  It was fun to document it a little bit as the regular media was still trying to ignore, and dismiss the story.  This gave me more” hits” on my blog,  as the interest was high by the regular people!

The Rick Santelli rant and the blog-o-sphere  propelled the movement along and the Tax Day protest rallies across the nation were estimated to have been  attended  by between 800, o00 to over one million people!  If one thinks about how many other wanted to attend but could not,  it is easy to imagine that millions more share the “Tea Party goers” sentiments!

I am writing about this now,  before the moment passes too far behind us,  and gets lost in time.  The tea party movement is now entering into a more difficult phase that has become apparent.

Even a million plus people protesting in our streets has not led to a change of heart,  nor attitude in our elected officials!

They still do not “get it”,  so we now have to organize  our Tea Party efforts into local groups, with strong leadership,  that can keep the pressure on to  get the politicians to once again understand who they really work for~

We the People!!